The Four Media Models & The Power Of Choice

In this special message, Sibel Edmonds lays out the four media models in existence today, who is behind them and why Newsbud is in a very unique category that depends on the people rather than the corporations or government for backing.

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  1. As you may know I have been a subscriber and supporter for several years , I appreciate and value you and your contributors reporting and have found information insightful and on the mark .
    I have some criticism though ,The new site will not allow me to share individual articles and this is a great tool for inviting new visitors and driving traffic to the new site.
    your store is clunky and I was not able to purchase more than one Item at a time generating a separate shipping charge for each item , I think that you need to still market a full complement of novelty and multimedia promotional materials , maybe a new bumper sticker that says News Bud with the boiling Frog having a circle and a slash through it.
    Wile were on the subject whats to be of poor frog ? is it a new line of Progresso Soup or are we going to provide it with a severance package ?

  2. Thanks for the update, Sibel. I think it’s good for folk to give some thought into how many hours goes into producing quality work. Journalism requires fact-checking and care if it is to be done responsibly and usefully.

    I have contributed to both Kickstarters because if I’m going down, I’m going down fighting and awake.

    I’m not sure about more merchandise. Printing is expensive. I would rather see my money ‘up on the screen’.

  3. Dear all,
    The reason for me to contribute is that I consider it important for me and, in particular, for my kids and their generation, that everyone on the planet has access to true, relevant and complete information. With regard to the content on your site, people should know that global destruction is not to be blamed on the people who instinctively will live a responsible life. Destruction is organized by a small group of people, in particular, those behind the administration of the continent called USA. With their cunning actions that are scheduled over generations, our health, nature, societies, cultures and ethical decision-making are compromised. This irresponsible behavior only serves self-interest, fulfills the materialistic needs of a few ego’s. It is a sick parlor game in a non-culture of self-crowned egotist bourgeois who call themselves enlightened. These people are on their way to destruct themselves in a way that takes the rest of the planet with it. To over-exploit the planet, to consciously grow destructive materialistic needs out of egoism, is not enlightenment. It is reprehensible barbarism, savagery. Once this setting of complex schemes in a financial world without country borders is understood, your information becomes actionable to many, including to those who work in the military, chemicals, banking etc.
    Thank you so much for your contributions and keep your head up. Kudo’s to y’all.
    P.S. could you start post-grad courses in politics, economics and history to educate tomorrow’s decision-makers?

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