The Russia-Turkey-USA Pendulum

In the newest episode of Newsbud’s Roundtable Spiro Skouras is joined by Professor Filip Kovacevic and Newsbud Founder Sibel Edmonds to dissect Turkey’s pendulum swing between the USA and Russia that may tip the scales of the geostrategic balance of power.

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  1. @Sibel

    If I remember correctly, you mentioned that we’ll see a shift in focus towards the central Asia Caucasus region in the next 10 years, and you mentioned the resources as a reason.

    It would seem that the resources have been known to be there for a long time already, so what would be special about the next 10 years? Are you referring to the Clark list (of 7 countries) more or less coming to completion, so that more US resources will become available for Central Asia?

  2. Hi,

    I will again comment on the A-Bomb thing, the supoused HQ-Khan network, spreading “neuclear know haow to 24 states” , the many connections of this network to the western inteligence is at least very suspiseous , HQ-Khan himsilf worked in a nuclear facility in Holand and he managed singel handedly to steal ” the secrets” of Bomb and escape back to his country unharmed ( like snwoden did) where the ISI is a defacto MI6 & CIA arm, and then bild this amazing network, visited 24 countries, offering the A-Bomb to them, still unharmed??, through out the cold war in every way possible they tried to show us how terible and powerful the A-Bomb is, mutual destruction was estableshed in the mind of evrey humen being, many suppoused traties to limet/reduce/eliminate this weopens were signed, the Iran nuclear deal intented to prevent iran from aquiring the bomb becouse then it will essentelly be immun or very difficult to be attacked or ivaded the iraq style, so tell me lucy why would they encourage/fasilitate the spreade of a weopen that will in way hamper the spread and influence of the empire ?? the answer is simple : the A-bomb do not exist, it is a cult, a phsyop to scare humanity into submition, no way that the masses could ultimtly revolt against the estableshed system, it is to be thinked of like god and ultimatly a cover for an endgame population reduction using no more than traditional weopens claming to be nuclear, just remember the carpet bombing in WWII, where they used to kill 10s of thousend in single bombing run , just as horrible a A-Bomb. the people has become infatuated with the super weapon and they paradoxicly become depressed when someone says the those weapon probably do not exist, amazing

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