Did Russia Hack the Election? A Short History of CIA Election Sabotage

On this episode of the Geopolitical Report we ask: Did Russia hack the US election? The establishment and its corporate media insist Russian meddling is a proven fact. Hacking emails at the DNC, however, is a minor affair when contrasted with the undertakings of the CIA. Watch this informative eye-opener episode and bring in your reaction and thoughts!

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A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
CIA Admits Role in 1953 Iranian Coup
The CIA, NGOs and Color Revolutions
The Arab Spring: Made in the USA
NSA Whistleblower Says DNC Hack Was Not Done by Russia, But By U.S. Intelligence

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  1. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Yet another excellent report Kurt… Keep up the excellent work…

    The more time i spend on Corbertt Report and Newsbud, the more i am able to connect more dots..

    In my opinion.. It is not about left or right, democrat vs republican, capitalist against communist.. it is much simpler than that..


    A group of people (call them what you want) want to and actively in the process of appointing corrupt governments and leaders around the whole world, including Europe and USA, with the goal of spreading chaos and lawlessness around the world, until the day the cattle (We the People) have enough, and then go begging to a “Slave Master” to enslave us, and we will be happy if they do, and in the process get “peace” as result. (The New World Order – single world government).

    • Matt Haughton says:

      HEY! I know you! Good to see you over here as well as Corbett report. I was just thinking about how so many great outlets are cross-pollinating as it were. Have you tuned into Morning Monarchy at all? I might suggest it if you haven’t. Laters!

  2. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    For people who believe in Armageddon…. it appears with the selection of Trump, the count down for Armageddon has just started. I wounder how long it will take to see a clear winner?? Hold on, i don’t think there will be a winner.. i think it is guaranteed destruction for all.

    noun: Armageddon; plural noun: Armageddons
    (in the New Testament) the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgment.
    a biblical hill of Megiddo, an archaeological site on the plain of Esdraelon, south of present-day Haifa in Israel.
    the place where the last battle between good and evil will be fought.
    a dramatic and catastrophic conflict, typically seen as likely to destroy the world or the human race.

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