Sibel Edmonds: Is Independent Open Source Media Viable?

Open Source Vs. Subscription

Sibel Edmonds takes a closer look at the four media models in existence today. Edmonds examines the importance and the difference between open source and subscription-based platforms. We also take this opportunity to hear from other independent media supporters and get their takes. Take a stand, and support the only 100% people funded open source media with integrity today!

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  1. Matt Haughton says:

    The subscription model is probably one of the best out there. I vote with my dollar, and only support open-source journalism. Fear free, ad free, and just plain FREE media. It’s journalism like this that aides in the cross pollination of ideas. Best wishes to you all, build on my friends.

  2. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Hi Sibel and Team (BTW, I am huge fan),

    So, Subscription vs Open Source?? I agree with Matt above, and I vote with my dollar as well. (just so you can appreciate how much i have to go through. I actually fly to another country, get paid visa card, just so i can pay the subscription and ensure i stay anonymous) Why you ask? that’s what you have to do when you live in a police state, and that is the MAIN REASON to support NEWSBUD.

    NEWSBUD “might” be able to stop the police state in USA and Europe from happening in the future. This might not effect you, but it will certainly impact your children and your grand children.

    That said. I quite like Corbertt Report Model.. it is both open source and subscription.

    Sibel and Team, Allow my to add my 2 cents, and I am just an average layman.

    I think those 5000 daily visitors come for the news, because they trust Newsbud/BFP, but they will only pay subscription to be heard. What I am saying is, if i did not have the real urge to have my point of view expressed to the community, i would not go into the trouble of the subscription.

    So, as you may agree with me… Users post and comments on NEWSBUD is rather low in numbers (i don’t know the reason why), but I feel if this can increase, it will get more people wanting to be heard, which will drive subscription into the site, and help with funding.

    I suggest more articles that will need people to be heard.. maybe solicit peoples opinion, and point of view..

    Maybe start a thread for current members to write why they are subscribed to Newsbud, and they can still stay anonymous behind their screen name, and allow the community to hear each other think and speak.

    Another idea is to start a Q&A session for subscribers via the comment section, where people can ask questions, and the Newsbud team, or other Newsbud team members who have the knowledge respond and answer.

    in any case, I think Sibel and Team is a lot more qualified than I when it comes to ideas that will get the members engaged in putting their thoughts into paper (in this case into screen)

    I wish you success going forward, as without you guys, the whole world is heading towards a police state status.

  3. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Why I subscribe to Newsbud??

    I live in a police state. I am not allowed to express my views or thoughts, and if i do, then i have to live with the consequences. the worst is being disappeared, the best case scenario is jail time.

    When you don’t have FREE PRESS, then the end result is going to be just like my country. (that’s why it is explicitly stated in the USA constitution.) if in doubt, check out what is happening to Turkish press right now.

    It may not happen next week, but you can be sure it will happen during your children or grand children time.

    Free Press or independent news like Newsbud makes peaceful revolutions possible…… the alternative is stated below

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    John F. Kennedy

  4. Thank you Sibel and Spiro, I really enjoyed the update and listening to your thoughts.

    Open source makes sense to reach as many people as possible. But realities say it takes money to run the site, to source the content, for people to pay their bills just like the rest of us. I am happy to pay a subscription to make it available to all. Even if people can’t afford a subscription I encourage them to make a donation. A lot of littles add up. The more we give to Sibel and her crew, the more they will feel like the hard work is worth it. Kickstarters are great, but I imagine the ad hoc appearance of funds makes it a stressful time for the team – job security of no more than 3 months. We all know what that feels like. Maybe it will come down to a combination of more than one model.

    I support Newsbud because it gives me context, it credits me with a brain in my head. The contributors are knowledgeable. Sibel is fiercely non-partisan. She puts her humanity before her politics. Her motives are earnest. I am sure she would rather be spending time with her family, than raking through the crimes of others. But her life experience has taught her, as has modern history and present day, that for evil to prevail all good men and women have to do – is nothing.

    When I was growing up we used to ask as a society (pre-Internet), ‘how did the it (the cult of Nazism) happen?’ ‘Could it happen again?’ We used to say ‘no, we’re so much more informed now, better educated, more civilized’. As if WWII was a thousand years ago. Now we have the Internet, there is no excuse for not being truly informed, beyond the Level 1 stuff we get from the MSM. The stuff we USED to think was the truth.

    The societal construct of our political pseudo-gods ruling us sheeple waiting for them to tell us what to think, HOW to think, is why things are in a mess. It infantilizes us. We have given up on self-determination as not just a right, but as an essential ingredient of life. It is what makes life worth living. If we don’t fight for the right of self-determination, for a world that protects the innocence of children by providing a peaceful and truthful society, then what are we about?

    We can’t sit on our butts, give all the power to the gods on the mount, then wake up shocked one day to realize that power is being wielded against us. Do we want to be children for our entire lives? Every generation – another crop of children in grown-up bodies?

    I support Newsbud because I am sick of hearing only from the greedy, the sociopathic, the unthinking, the undead. I don’t want to be one of those who knew what was happening and did nothing. Now is the time to speak up, to engage.


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