Oregon Standoff: Could This Not Guilty Verdict Restore Faith in the Judicial System?

In this week’s episode of Newsbud’s Roundtable Sibel and Spiro are joined by Newsbud Legal Analyst and attorney Todd Macfarlane to discuss the recent not guilty verdict in the Oregon Standoff Trial. How was this verdict reached? What effect will this have on the upcoming Nevada case? And what was the role of the government informants who infiltrated the protest? We also examine the similarities and differences between the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and the Oregon Standoff.

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  1. clarice jernigan says:

    Thank you Sibel, Spiro and Newsbud for following this case with tenacity……especially the murder of LaVoy Finnicum. The murder of this good man of high integrity is shocking. I too have followed the case from the start and have been supported it financially. My husband and I made a trip from Boise to stand with the protestors on “Patriot Corner” and view some of the trial. We are so concerned that good people are being held without bail and being mistreated while in jail….truly they are political prisoners. Thank you again.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Clarice,

      I agree with you and I think Sibel and Spiro are focusing the light on a topic ignored by all other media. It does not impact me directly in the Middle East, but ultimately, if my American friends lose their rights, then I will lose mine as well.

      I enjoyed the “technical” point of view of Todd MacFarlane, this is a topic that is most important as we are all going to be judged based on laws and terms we don’t fully understand.

      Todd, I think you should have a corner on this site, were you can help with technical questions once a week or once a month.

      Keep up the good work.

  2. Newsbud is failing. They have only raised $50k and have 12 days to make $80k. People are losing interest. Notice how they fired that one guy who used to do all the reporting. A lot of people did not like how he would not ask serious questions when interviewing guests on the show. I think there are better causes to support.

  3. Jonathan Michael says:


    How do you know he (are you talking about Peter B. Collins?) was fired?
    If it is not official then aren’t you simply making an assumption?
    Also, how are you coming to the conclusion that a lot (how many makes a lot?) of people did not like the way he interviewed?
    I am not stating that what you are writing does/does not have any merit, simply that you have made a number of statements that you are not supporting with hard evidence.

  4. Jonathan Michael says:


    Also; it is unreasonable to state that Newsboy is failing simply because the target has not been met.
    Dollars are not the only measurement of success.
    You might be losing interest (?), however I have yet to see any poll or other evidence to support such a broad statement in relation to people connected with or who have followed newsbud.
    No cause let alone all worthy causes are going to meet their targets each and every time.
    Whatever your opinion of PB, no genuine alt media organisation is going to keep everyone happy all the time, nor will they be able, and neither should they, be agreed with by everyone watching all the time

  5. Peter Lynn says:

    Fucking Fantastic!!! Thank You for being a Media Outlet with big F#cking Balls. I love it. I’ve been a boiling frogs viewer and subscriber on and off for a while now. You sold me on this and I will contribute as much as this blue collar business owner can, Awesome.
    Thank You, Pete Black Cat Lynn

  6. I’m glad you guys are sticking with this story. The coverage here, as well as at contributor Katie Aguilera’s site, seekingredress.com, and the conversations I’ve had with other members in the comments section here (previously at Boiling Frogs Post) have been a particularly valuable experience for me personally. I can understand why the topic alienated many members, including those who stopped subscribing or following BFP (even if I disagree with the lame comments which accompanied these actions), based on my own initial wariness of what I initially viewed as an underlying component of what’s been recently referred to as the alt-right movement. As it turns out, much of what I found off putting based on what little of the media exposure I encountered was in fact, as can be seen illustrated in this roundtable discussion, largely elements of a propaganda campaign orchestrated by government officials which utilized agent provocateurs, various media mouthpieces, and other parrots in the media who uncritically “retweeted” talking points, enforcing the “official” narrative and discrediting the participants in the standoff.

    Furthermore, exploring this issue forced me to examine my own sociopolitical biases and wariness towards the aspects of the rural, religious, conservative background of the ranchers at the heart of the standoff/protest movement. I know I’m far from unique in holding these biases, but this incident gave me some insight into how easily even the most well meaning among us can allow ourselves to be conditioned into a state of indifference or lack of empathy when it comes to people who we don’t readily relate to or even disagree with on certain fundamental “wedge issues” which superficially dictate political alliances.

    By taking the time to listen to LaVoy Finicum speak about his positions on the principles of freedom and civil liberties outlined in the United States Constitution and the ways in which he felt the government was systematically and increasingly infringing upon those rights, I grew to admire him and recognize that we shared a similar appreciation for what these rights mean to us as American citizens and also how we share a similar lamentation over the blatant disregard for these rights and the oppressive bullying tactics being used against us by our government which keep getting worse every day. Finicum took a stand and, in my opinion, was murdered in cold blood by the government in order to be made an example out of.

    I see his murder similar to that of Fred Hampton of the Black Panther Party in 1969 at the hands of the FBI and the Chicago Police Department. Both Finicum and Hampton paid the same price for their activism due to the fact that they posed a legitimate challenge and threat to the powers that shouldn’t be. The comparison on my part between an inner city black activist and a rural white rancher, probably strikes many as members of groups which would tend to look upon each other with suspicion, perhaps even hostility, and therefore make an unlikely alliance, however this doesn’t have to, shouldn’t, and can’t be the case if we ever want to legitimately and effectively challenge the status quo.

    As I said initially, I can understand why people were alienated by BFP/Newsbud’s coverage of this issue, but hopefully I’ve made a case for why I view that as being their loss. Sibel and the Newsbud team’s decision to focus on this story and not be deterred over concern around taking on an unpopular topic is a unique statement towards what Newbud stands for when it comes to journalistic integrity. That’s one of the reasons I’m proud to support what they’re doing.

    • PS – Even though I was admittedly nervous at first myself, for those who took the stance that the difficulty in meeting phase two of the funding was a matter of a failure on the part of Newsbud in setting out to accomplish its goals, I think it would be more accurate to say that Newsbud’s commitment to taking on stories and topics which they deem to be pressing, yet not necessarily “popular”, is a sign that not caving to the pressure of changing editorial policies, specifically in order to reach a wider audience, means that success isn’t going to happen over night. What they’re doing here is unique and over time I believe a larger audience is going to realize this, gravitate towards the site, and be willing to contribute to helping them expand and grow. No doubt a lot of people will lose interest along the way and stop supporting, but I don’t think the answer is going to be chasing those people in order to convince them to stay, but hopefully the team will remain open to comments from supporters who believe in what Newsbud is trying to accomplish, but have suggestions on how things can be improved opposed to simply discredited.

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