Sibel Edmonds on the Record: The Podesta E-mail Scandal & the Importance of Media Integrity

In this edition of Newsbud Spotlight Sibel & Spiro cover the recent email scandal of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta and compare it to other high profile cases throughout recent history. Newsbud also examines the devious tactics of mainstream and pseudo alternative media and offers you a solution, Newsbud.

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Show Notes

Robert Creamer Visited Obama’s White House 340 Times

Sibel Edmonds Under Oath Testimony/Deposition PART 1 Part 2

Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?

The Real Dennis Hastert Case

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  1. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Thanks Sibel & Spiro…

    On the topic of what is next Opensource or Subscribtion..

    The sad reality is, people don’t appreciate the value of what they have, until they lose it. Majority of US citizens don’t appreciate the freedom they have today, but if they speak to the old generation Soviet Citizens, or people from my side of the world, they will understand it is sometimes better to die, than live slave.

    I am however very surprised by the Newsbud/BFP community.. They seem very shy and timid… They hardly express their opinions via the comments, and they rarely “Speak Their Mind” on this website.

    At this stage, I am wondering if they all agree with everything you guys say, and feel there is nothing to add, or they have misplaced their keyboards, and are unable to participate.

    I belong to an age group that says, you have to participate and be heard, to help encourage or if you disagree, correct the path the community is taking… What does the average Newsbud subscriber think?

  2. FOUND IT! (my keyboard, that is)

    My awakening to the reality of the left/right party system, false flag events (including 9/11) is very recent, as in last year having followed a recommendation to read Sibel’s book “Classified Woman” which led me to “Lone Gladio” . Before that, I was busy unpeeling the onion of institutional christianity. It was Christmas last year that I found Boiling Frogs and what appeared to be a gradual dropping-off of comments, which is a shame because I personally get as much from comments as I do a post. VoiceofArabia, your input here as well as at Corbett’s Report is one I consistently look forward to and respect. Another commenter that has since vanished from BoilingFrogs/Newsbud is called “A Name” – a disappointing loss for sure. My theory as to why discussion has dwindled is because there is little to no reciprocation; maybe some people feel that a repeated no-response is equal to dismissal. Another reason may be a feeling of inadequacy amidst experienced and seasoned personalities. As for my particular voice, I confess to being dumbed-down, but am making up for that by reading/listening all I can.

    I am one of those who sent to Newsbud my request that this Podesta story be developed, not for the purpose of satisfying a tabloid appetite, but because exposure may actually be what makes *all people* say enough is enough. It goes beyond politics – they’re brazenly feasting on children! I seriously pray someone out there sends everything they’ve got to Wikileaks otherwise this story will be consigned to a faraway, silent black hole.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Pearl,

      First thanks for participating, and I am just like you are, very new to Newsbud and BFP. I too don’t feel confident enough to be commenting especially with my limited English, however, I know that part of healing and getting stronger is being heard, and expressing ourselves. Plus, if our voices get heard by the rest of the community, they will feel more confident and they too will come out of the shadows and be heard.

      Plus, it is a lot more fun to come to this site, and be able to have a conversation across miles with people like yourself… I am glad to have had this discussion with you.

  3. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Combining Sibel’s info on the blackmailing with Michael Collins Piper’s FINAL JUDGMENT, as well as most of the info on Newsbud, BFP, The Corbett Report, et al, here is what is taking place, for the most part:
    It is Sun Tzu, plain and simple and clear as day! Mossad has really outdone the master! On Nov 22, 1963, we were catapulted on our way to becoming a vassal state of Israel. That IS what we are. For the blackmailing, just read the last chapter on Spies! But read the whole book and you’ll see the blueprint, instructions might be more apt, of how the US was subdued. It is the most thorough and, don’t hate me, but, brilliantly executed application of Sun Tzu in history! They even exercise some control/influence (again, see the chapter on Spies) on most of the opposition; Turkic, Persian, Arabic/North African, American/Nazi/NATO and the few Independent banker groups, though that last sounds like an oxymoron. Maybe “the ones Israel lets think that they are independent.”
    I think Putin has figured it out and he is getting better at exposing and dealing what is happening/has happened. China is more complicated. Even if you think you control them, do you? Sun Tzu is their book!
    @Spiro: You can read the whole thing in 30 minutes. We got pawned! Deep Sate now equals Israel/Mossad. You can thank the last of their rival gangs, the Bushes.
    @Sibel: I love it when you swear, but agree with you on bleeping it. It seems some on youboob think you are being censored, instead of just trying to display some class.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Sam,

      I don’t think it is Israel or the Jews or the Jewish lobby are to blame here. I personally think all the names you see in neon are put there on purpose.. They want to divide and conquer, a strategy slightly older than SunTzu.

      I agree with you on the concept that a group of people driving a strategy to enslave all. White, black, tanned, Chinese, etc etc. and all religions. They believe human nature is the enemy as it has many shortfalls. They believe they can erase all human nature’s “faluts” by breading a better “class” of people.

      Off course, the concept is not new, and has been proven false many times over, but it is difficult to convince a psychopath of what is right and what is wrong.

      By the way, that is the only explanation i can get to why countries like USA, Europe, Middle East are willing to destroy themselves , for no clear reason.

      • It’s somewhat of a relief to read your words, Voice of Arabia, that you don’t see the Jews as being responsible for whats happening in politics. On this journey of learning what is and what isn’t, the one stumbling block I keep encountering (mostly in discussion threads) is that Israel via Mossad is jerking the entire world around. Years ago, I bought a book called “Warrant for Genocide” addressing the Protocols of Zion of which the author traces to anti-semitic origins. As the title indicates, when people choose a scapegoat, it’s no mystery where that road leads. It’s one thing if a government is undermining the will of its people, it’s another when a specific race of people are the driving force of evil upon the world; the former is very likely, the latter I reject entirely.

        As to why nations (and individuals) willingly choose destructive paths, that remains a mystery to me. I ruminate of lots of ideas as to why, but off the top of my head, I the most obvious are complacency; helplessness when considering the enormity of it all; fear; and most importantly, indoctrination through religion and education (which dulls and stifles the mind by the sheer boredom of its delivery method). One book I read last year was a major eye-opener to me which attempts to address why people do what they do is called “Ominous Parallels” by Leonard Piekoff. While I don’t thoroughly subscribe to Objectivism, or more specifically, Ayn Rand, there’s no question that when a philosophical mindset is established in one’s mind, deliberate actions/inactions are sure to follow.

      • Sam Bissonnette says:

        I still stand by what I wrote. We are a de facto client state of Israel. They control the majority of our deep state. Sun Tzu and the Wu Tzu are the oldest books on military strategy, along with Thucydides. Folks in the West turn to Machiavelli and Clausewitz, along with Alfred Thayer Mahan and Sir Julian Corbett. But I was raised, or raised myself, on Basil Liddell-Hart, a proponent of Sun Tzu and the Strategy of Indirect Approach.
        @Pearl: I never used the term Jews! I am rather fond of my Jewish brethren. Most oppose either the State of Israel or it’s policies. But if you ask who killed JFK, caused LBJ to turn against the Viet Nam war, I agree with Michael Collins Piper. Who masterminded 9/11? Mossad would be my answer. Who controls our Foreign Policy? Mossad! It isn’t based on Protocols of Zion, it is based upon Sun Tzu. I leave Zionism, alien invasions and Nibiru to those that enjoy that kind of stuff. I prefer Military History.
        I was more worried about someone thinking I was a fanboy of Mossad! (Gulp, I used to be.)

        • Hi Sam,

          Actually, my response was picking up on Voice of Arabia’s comment which specifically addressed the Jews, and I was really just adding my observation/concern gleaned from my reading over time at various sources. I appreciate your distinction, though, and I’ll be careful to separate the two myself as I continue to learn.

        • VoiceOf Arabi says:

          Hi Sam and Pearl,

          I too enjoyed Sun Tzu, which is still taught in many universities today. and if you enjoyed Sun Tzu, you might also enjoy 48 Laws of Power, which i think is more applicable here…

          in the book, under Law 26: Keep Your Hands Clean, which is sometimes referred to as “Make Use Of the Cat’s-Paw” is the case here… Israel (and sadly the Jewish people) are being used as a Cat’s-Paw to achieve a goal that a group of people aiming at, while keeping their Hands Clean.

          Just as ISIS (and not the Muslim people) are being used to achieve the same goal from the other end.

          Just like the White Supremacist (and not the Christian people) are being used to start the hate and divide…

          Question. Who is allowing all this money and Arms to reach ISIS, or Israel, or the White Supremacist?? and i am talking of millions / billions??

          Go and try to transfer an amount more than $10,000 dollars or buy more than few guns, and your name will be flashed on every list there is, but those groups can do it in plain site, and no one knows how??

          It is not the US Gov to blame here… It is a faction that have control of parts of the US Gov, and many other governments that driving this agenda.. and I fear the agenda is World Government.

          • VoiceOf Arabi says:

            Hi Again,,,

            I forgot to state the obvious, which is, if you are going to start a “World Government”, then you will have to destroy all existing governments, including USA, Europe, Middle East, etc etc..

            You can’t make an omelette without breaking few eggs.

          • Fascinating about the 48 Laws of Power and Sun Tzu. The “Cat’s Paw” makes perfect sense to me.

            At the recommendation of James Corbett, I downloaded “The Devil’s Chessboard” by David Talbot to my Kindle, as well as “The Unspeakable” and am slowly making my way through them as I switch between the two. Those Foster brothers were truly evil players. Seems pretty obvious to me their subversive, manipulative style continues to direct Washington.

            Really appreciate your responses, VoA & Sam. Iron sharpens iron.

  4. Sam Bissonnette says:

    @VoiceOfArabi: I leave the One World stuff to people smarter than me, esp James Corbett and Richard Gage. What I am saying is that Mossad had co-opted those kind of groups. I was reading about Sibell’s testimony, as well as her book. That is why the chapter on spies is important. All you really need of Sun Tzu other than that is: to win without fighting is the mark of a great general. Our “National Security State” tries likewise, Mossad is just better at it. Sun Tzu is kind of “pooed” in academia, because of statements like: once a sovereign assigns an objective, he must not interfere. They suggest that “the general” must be subservient to the sovereign. I see that as a smokescreen. Is our “National Security State” subservient to our “sovereign?” NO! It was our “National Security State” that took out JFK, all the while being manipulated by James Jesus Angleton/Meyer Lansky.
    And I should write Mossad/Israel instead of the other way around. Not everyone in Israel agrees with the Mossad. Not everyone in the US agrees with our NSA, but they are still in charge.
    Here is a link to Sun Tzu.
    Read section XIII, esp:
    7. Hence the use of spies, of whom there are five classes: (1) Local spies; (2) inward spies; (3) converted spies; (4) doomed spies; (5) surviving spies.

    8. When these five kinds of spy are all at work, none can discover the secret system. This is called “divine manipulation of the threads.” It is the sovereign’s most precious faculty.

    21. The enemy’s spies who have come to spy on us must be sought out, tempted with bribes, led away and comfortably housed. Thus they will become converted spies and available for our service.

    22. It is through the information brought by the converted spy that we are able to acquire and employ local and inward spies.

    As I said in my first post, it is almost THE instruction manual.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Sam,

      I don’t disagree with you on the fact that people will use Sun Tzu’s Art of War, or any good strategy to get to their goals.. We are both in agreement there…

      I am more focused on, for who’s benefit “que bono”. Mossad is very evil organization, just like the CIA and the Old KGB (now FSB) any any other you care to mention. and just like CIA and FSB, their evil is both internally and externally. There is less freedom in Israel than there is in USA. There is less spending power in Israel than in USA (some Israeli’s citizens are poverty stricken with all the billions they receive from the USA).

      The point i am trying to make is, Mossad / Israel is not as strong as you mentally picture them. They are maybe the best and smallest organization out there, but the country is suffering over all, and they have been accumulating losses since the big loss to Hezbollah in the year 2000, followed by the second loss in 2006.

      But, you are on the right track… Someone is using the Mossad, CIA, NSA, FBI, MI6, MI5, FSB to get to a goal, that none of the countries involved benefits from… Who benefits “que bono”

      Example. USA, UK and France all give support to the “moderate fighters” in Syria ,that have been seen on video cutting children’s heads…. Does those countries benefit from ISIS (or fundamental Islam) winning. The answer is no, it will drive the whole world into chaos, so, who benefits?? Answer that question, and you will have the puzzle figured out.

  5. I started subscribing to this website in February 2015. Found Sibel l through Corbett’s website. I’ve never posted. I feel that I don’t have the depth of background or insight into geopolitical issues to add anything meaningful to the discussion even though I find it important and listen to it all.

    Like others, my awakening has been gradual. I was an ardent NPR supporter for decades. I pledged money every year and worked the pledge drives. I stopped supporting NPR about 6 years ago when I found websites that were going more deeply into issues and talking about things that NPR never covered or only covered superficially.

    I live in Dennis Hastert territory. Some people I know supported him and went to his fund raisers. When the scandal broke, I talked to my friends and colleagues about him and told them about Sibel and her books. My friends and colleagues didn’t want to know. They can’t believe that there was a pedophile in high office and that he’s not the only one. They think anything I have to say is only speculation and not based on any actual facts. They dismiss it’s as only “conspiracy theory” that I’ve come across on some stupid website. They refuse to even look at websites or read anything I send them. I had a close friend look at me and tell me that if it isn’t in the New York Times she doesn’t want to hear about it.

    People can’t believe that the depth of the corruption and depravity is so deep. Talking about it makes them deeply uncomfortable and feeling helpless. Their only defense is that it can’t be true. If they truly understood, they would have to stop supporting the system and then where does that leave us? In a big gaping hole of the unknown. I’m tired of talking about it to them.

    I prefer a subscription model of financing. I subscribe to several websites and the information they provide is important to me. You could offer different levels of subscriptions at different price points. NPR does the hat in hand twice a year. It has an air of neediness that is unpleasant and makes listeners feel guilty. A couple of years ago they went with a monthly supporting model asking members for $5 or $10 a month. It’s been very successful for them. The amount is small and has made a huge difference in their pledge drives.

    Love the new changes. The Russian media review is fabulous and Kurt Nimmo is awesome. I miss Peter B. Collins.

    • I totally identify with your hesitation to speak, Sherri. But here you are at last, and I’m touched by your input. Not much to add, but that I’m coming to see the refusal to even consider examining the depth of corruption is no different than the dynamics of co-dependant, abusive relationships. Achieving independance is a journey promising risk, loss, but ultimately growth and strength. Meeting like-minded souls who challenge and encourage along the way makes all the difference.

      • Interesting input – while i am a total neophyte in terms of the deeper underlying principles, i am coming more and more to the realisation that the great majority of people have been so dumbed down by the programing, that the task of raising awareness becomes a real upward slog.
        What is the best path forward? – don’t know!

  6. Ribbit-Mark says:

    I am however very surprised by the Newsbud/BFP community.. They seem very shy and timid… They hardly express their opinions via the comments, and they rarely “Speak Their Mind” on this website.

    At this stage, I am wondering if they all agree with everything you guys say, and feel there is nothing to add, or they have misplaced their keyboards, and are unable to participate.

    Voiceof Arabi I think there are two main reasons at play here to explain the drop in comments on this site.

    First is that many people seemed to back off and hold their collective breaths as the campaign for Newsbud was
    first launched.
    There was a large degree of ‘uncharted territory’ in the air and they were kind of waiting for the next shoe to drop
    before they regained confidence in the site (BFP/Newsbud).

    The second reason is that Sibel also dropped her commenting for the most part (which used to tie many things together nicely)
    obviously because she has been so busy behind the scenes working on getting Newsbud up and running properly.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Ribbit-Mark,

      Yeah.. what you say above makes makes sense, and can explain the reason for the almost zero comments per day in the last few months.

      But let us not forget, Newsbud team has managed to create this site “area” for us “like minded” people to come and feel safe and share our thoughts… i.e. they gave us a house, and it is up to us to turn it into a home.

      I think Newsbud / BFP team will need our feedback / encouragement and support so they know if they are steering the ship in the right direction or not.

      Sibel and team have a lot of knowledge, but I am certain that the knowledge of the entire Newsbud Community is few times more than any single individual.

      We only learn by interacting with one another, just like we do in real life.. we meet, we exchange idea’s, and end up more knowledgeable than before.

      That way, the individual Newsbud members will get encouraged to share their point of view (regardless of right or wrong).

      It would be nice to have Newsbud team involved in the comments, and they need to at least answer questions that we ask regarding their reports, but we can still make this place useful and educational for each other.. The only way to win is by educating each other (help each other see the full picture).

  7. Newsbud is failing. They have only raised $50k and have 12 days to make $80k. People are losing interest. Notice how they fired that one guy who used to do all the reporting. A lot of people did not like how he would not ask serious questions when interviewing guests on the show. I think there are better causes to support.

  8. richard lough says:

    I’ve just subscribed. Just testing comments 🙂

  9. Sibel’s comments struck a chord in my memory – I had read some background information from Belgium and from Kincora. The logic runs someting like this: everybody (and especially deep state) wants to be able to blackmail powerful figures. To be able to do that, they need specialised resources. The methodology ran something like this – get the target drunk, perhaps somewhere abroad, invite them to a party/brothel, then switch from a prostitute to an underage boy or girl. Their activities are videotaped for blackmail at some future time.
    What bothers me is that this implies that the Deep State, or at least some part of it, needs a reliable supply of children whom it can abuse for its own ends. And that implies that the creation, distribution, management and protection of that business must be in place, and has been there for some time.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Richarda,

      You say…. “What bothers me is that this implies that the Deep State, or at least some part of it, needs a reliable supply of children whom it can abuse for its own ends. And that implies that the creation, distribution, management and protection of that business must be in place, and has been there for some time”

      That’s a chilling thought. Off course it is very logical, and will explain why people like Al Capone, Hired Killers, Drug lord, dictators existed with very little challenge all those years.. There services are needed and it is part of the machine (the ugly part)… Very scary thought.

    • It has been in place since video recording equipment existed. Also, about 800,000 go missing every year in the U.S. alone. That is over 1% of the total child population. When you start looking into pizza gate this becomes really disturbing. And there is a lot of B.S. floating about. The obfuscation technique is being used in full force with bogus claims made to discredit and create doubt, and also legit claims being cast into a doubtful by people posing as concerned citizens (like RY129).

      Has anyone here much familiarity with Ed Opperman? Is he reliable?

      Also, what did happen with Peter B Collins? It was like as soon as he started appearing on Newsbud his guests went from great, to mediocre and even awful. I found myself trying to make excuses for it due to his past service, but….

  10. Nice to see some new names and some discussion. I think maybe it’s kind of cyclical, has a hidden rhythm, sometimes very lively, sometimes quiet. Probably lately many people have been distracted by the US election process, might take up a more-than-usual amount of their Internet time. Personally, still here, still interested, still supportive morally and financially, but in my case my time is crunched lately. Full time work plus full time PhD plus father of two small children, trying also to stay physically as well as mentally exercised — there’s just not a lot of time to go around.

    One other factor, I used to get emails when new stuff was posted here, and now I don’t. I’m the sort of person who finds reminders very helpful.

    Is it true that Peter is no longer with the BFP/Newsbud team?

  11. The remark that people who do not pay can go somewhere else is a bit off the path that Sibel and the team travel. The more people get access to information that allows them to ask relevant questions, the better our world will become.
    I truly hope that all the information and discussions will remain accessible to the wider community. It may even convince people to start paying a subscription. In any case, my subscription and donation will be repeated in the future, and I will be pleased to have other people read what I financially support.

  12. This sort of stuff keeps popping up. When will it coalesce into common knowledge though? This needs to be a regular theme. A religion is an insight into the soul of its holder. It only makes sense that these egotistical pieces of crap would have a religion based around the so called left hand path of satanism (If I recall right the right hand path is all about being one with everything, and the left hand path is all about the ego and screwing up everything for their own benefit. It is the path of a parasitical mindset).

    What I don’t understand fully is why is it unacceptable to speak of these people as satanists? That is quite the psyop right there. If they were christians or muslims or bhuddists or anything else we could talk about it freely. This gives me the impression that speaking of them as satanists cuts too close to the bone.

    Another thing to think about is if they view all this evil sturff as empowering, it is likely that war and misery are viewed as one big ritual sacrifice to them. I know Newbud cannot tackle this religion as it would make Newsbud a target for ridicule, but it would be nice to see someone cover this religion in depth.


    I thought it should be clarified. It is not about how much dirt they have. It is about how willing the subject will be in going along with the blackmail. Just because they have done something bad does not mean they will go along with the blackmail. They need people who are inherently incapable of caring about any bad done, that way they are not motivated to turn around and bite their master’s hand if things get too ugly. The deep state can plant dirt on anyone. It is all digital. (See the Truthstream episode “New tech shows why you can’t trust anything you see on the news”. They can digitally imitate anyone IN REAL TIME.) That dirt does not in itself insure that the person will go along with things. Some people may simply find it too detestable to go along. Keep in mind the Henry Vinson case. They invite people to parties and as the party got wierder and more screwed up more and more people would leave, leaving only the worst of the turds to float to the top. They want the crapiest of the crap. These people know the inner workings of things. They aren’t going to risk another Henry Vinson (Vinson wouldn’t supply them with underage prostitutes, so he wasn’t vile enough to be in the gang) type mess where a HALF decent person gets cooked alive for not going along. No, they need people who aren’t bothered by any of it. People who will not recoil at their modus operandi. What I don’t understand though is how it keeps from being tuned into a mess as they all try to blackmail and control each other. How does it keep from collapsing into a heap of infighting?

  13. Also, Satanism itself is inhetently a psyop from what I have read about things like that book by Giordano Bruno. I wonder who is directing this religion. One of the main things about it is that the practicer of the “magic” (aka hokey pokey religious mind control) must not believe in the magic. So the people who are really into it are not at the top. They are just tools. Who is at the top? I recall some Colonel Aquino who was into this crap. Who controls this whole intelligence apparatus and how?

  14. Montague Thielen says:

    Having Arun Rao and or Andrew Kline appointed by the Clintons to the DOJ human trafficking investigative unit, ( a total of 4 people from what I have read ), is akin to LBJ appointing Allen Dulles to the Warren commission. Disturbing to say the least.
    Talk about the foxes guarding the hen house. Is ANYBODY paying attention??

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