Newsbud Calls Out 3rd Parties on Challenging Two-Party System Indoctrination

In this week’s edition of Newsbud’s Roundtable Spiro Skouras is Joined by Newsbud Founder Sibel Edmonds, Newsbud Sr. Producer Kurt Nimmo and James Corbett of Corbett Report to discuss potential candidates of the Trump Cabinet. We also discuss the indoctrination process of the youth in public schools and Sibel issues a call to action against the two-party system indoctrination.

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Another Day in the Empire

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  1. candideschmyles says:

    The issue of direct taxation, or state legalised extortion, is one dear to my own heart. Like most I have no choice but contribute to the murder and chaos my taxes are used for. I wonder if a legal case has ever been tried on the basis of conscientious objection to such use of individual taxes and if so how far did it get? Anyone heard of such a Case?

    • You know, there is an alternative to paying taxes or not paying taxes and going to jail. It is called being impoverished. Although many of you cannot do that either due to other obligations.

      It IS an option though.

  2. Mark Nusbaum says:

    I find it ironic that the round table disparages the notion that a presidential election changes anything and that people put so much emphasis on that, yet this discussion on the election ONLY talked about the presidential part of the election. Kurt made the only mention of congress, and that wasn’t even framed correctly – he made it sound like the Republicans achieved a majority in this election as if that was new (as has much of the media), when in fact the Democrats made (insufficient) gains in both houses, in addition to taking the popular vote for president. And of course there was no mention at all of state, municipal and local matters.

    That emphasis is particular in this country, as the US has a tendency to focus on personalities and to personify power structures (why do you think “we” elected Gordon Gekko?) , just as we unwisely look at things in the light of good vs. evil more than the rest of the world. This is a cultural trap, and I’m sure what the source is (Hollywood perhaps? Christianity?). And that we have a presidency structure as opposed to a parliamentary one also emphasizes the primary leader by its nature.

    Not voting is a losing proposition, simply based on the clear desires of the two sides of the ruling party – Republicans do everything they can to lessen participation in general, while Democrats try to increase that but really only in the groups who tend not to participate anyway, the proletarian underclasses. The reality is that we get what we get because the people who vote make those choices, within a reasonable margin (there is some manipulation, of course). The power structures do as much as they can to limit the choices, particularly at the state and national levels, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the opportunity to tell them to shove it in the booth anyway. I absolutely believe people have a right to choose the tactic of not voting, but I wouldn’t encourage that as a general tactic. The people who advocate that are the only ones who claim voting justifies the system, presumably as a tactic to get people not to vote. And I find offensive James’ overbearing claim that doing so is actually immoral (not stated here, btw). And the claim that most people don’t vote because they are disgusted by the system is pretty much foundationless, isn’t it? I think there are huge numbers of people who don’t vote because it’s a hassle or they’re too lazy, because they don’t follow politics, because they don’t think it counts simply based on the math, because they legally can’t vote, etc.

    Voting isn’t that big of a deal, it took me maybe 20 minutes, not counting prep time. My prep time was much longer, looking at state and local candidates and propositions and initiatives – I spent zero time in that process on the presidency. And I don’t put unrealistic expectations on it even though I participate; those things aren’t linked. In the end I didn’t vote third party for president, because I chose to make my protest vote in another manner.

    I think the Trump-Obama comparison here is invalid, these were different matters. Obama was an empty vessel much like Trump, but he was framing his rhetoric as anti-war and that simply wasn’t honest or at least was without conviction. Otherwise, he was clearly a product of the political system, which Trump is not. Still, he’s unusually popular for a president after almost eight years, so I don’t think framing him as hugely disappointing to the electorate, having stabbed them in the back, is actually accurate – the people basically stand by that choice. This time we weren’t given an anti-war candidate at all (even liberal darling Sanders), which I think is one of the most important aspects of this election that has been insufficiently discussed. Trump might actually be the best of them all.

    Regarding this and the alternative media in all this, I will say again that they, as much as the mainstream, refuse to directly confront the central issue of our time within the ruling power structure, which can be seen in both the neocon-driven middle eastern war policy within both parties and the (chosen) people who control international banking and our government’s role in that, most meaningful in the US in the ’08 economic collapse and the bailouts that followed, and worldwide in neo-liberal policies (and the same applies to the revving up the cold war with Russia, of course). The 9/11 wars and the state of banking and the economy are the issues of our times, and almost no one has the cojones to actually tackle them straight on, rather choosing to generalize in ways that do not really inform.

  3. I love u people and i support Newsbud and thank all of u for your high quality productions. However, this nonsense about Anarchy, no matter how prettily its put, is still just nonsense, James. Nations, States, Counties and Cities or Towns do need management and protection. Just like businesses need organization and management so do nations, etc. Bad management of a business doesnt mean the business shouldnt be managed, it means it needs better management ! Anarchy is just an adolesent reaction to corrupt governments. Also, for Sybel, third parties ARE trying to change things like what u were talking about ! For instance Jill Stein and Green Party and Gary Johnson and Libertarian Party and whoever else might be part of it have or had a lawsuit to let other candidates into the Presidential debates. Third parties obviously dont have the money or power yet that the two Empire parties have. Also u people dont seem to realize that the Green Party stands for and promotes the things that we, including Newsbud people want and the world needs. Merely not voting doesnt help, but voting for Green Party does help. When more people stop voting for the Empire parties and vote for Green Party then we ll have a party of the people instead of party of the corporate, bankster empire ! But also the Green Party is an expression of the rising awareness and new epoch that is dawning and depends on that ! Thx.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hi Tomcat108,

      I disagree with you on the voting, which doesn’t mean I agree with Anarchy.

      US Government is currently Hijacked by a “group of people”, but we don’t know who they are…

      They are very efficient and organized, so much so, they also Hijacked and Coerced few more countries around the globe. ( Europe via Nato, Middle east via Oil, etc etc).

      Sadly, voting only legitimizes the current system. and your support of the Green Party is similar to hoping to end a airplane Hijacking using the power of pray alone. (i mean no disrespect to praying)

      I don’t know what the solution is. but I know a simple fact… First Step in problem solving is “Diagnose the situation so that your focus is on the problem, not just its symptoms.”

      • Yes, of course the gov is largely hijacked but not voting doesnt stop it from being hijacked ! In fact that kind of apathy will actually allow the corporate, bankster empire to take over the gov even more til their mission to have absolute power is complete ! Then there wont be ANY voting cos the empire wouldnt allow it ! It would just be another Nazi like dictatorship and tyranny ! So the empire will use that against people to ! They will simply take over faster ! Also its not the system thats the problem its the corruption IN the system thats the problem ! So legitimizing the system itself is not the issue ! Part of the problem is voting for either of the two faces or parties of the empire. To say voting for green party is like praying to end an airplane hijacking is uttery ridiculous ! The Green Party has realistic and practical solutions and when enough people stop voting for the empire parties or stop NOT voting and finally vote for the Green Party then we ll finally have a party of the people, but only if people continue to support it and help stear it instead of expecting them to do everything as if they have magic wands. We have to work with them and help them to help us ! All this standing around talking and bitching and moaning obviously doesnt solve the problem but thats what a lot of people do ! So how about some practical solutions ! Anytime there ARE solutions u negative types just try to shoot them down without even trying and continue to sit around bitching and moaning and getting nowhere ! The Green Padty is not a magic wand obviously but it IS PART of the solution and only PART ! Quite frankly im sick and tired of people doing nothing more than bitching and moaning and then bickering about or dismissing real practical sutions ! Its disgusting like overgrown little kids ! The solutions are all “there” but people ignore them or dismiss them and stand around bitching ! Its disgusting ! People should grow up and learn and implement all the many solutions that have been offered and explained by wise, creative, intelligent and compassionate people ! Thats the solution !

        • VoiceOf Arabi says:

          Hi Tomcat108,

          I see you are a passionate person about politics, which is good and we need more people like you…. However, try to understand the full picture, and you might be able to see what I am seeing.

          let me draw few examples, just so i can make my point….

          If someone comes to you and says, which do you prefer, to be punched in the head or punched in the stomach, and you “vote” on for punch in the stomach because it is less painful. Then the person delivering the punch will tell you “you chose this, and you only have yourself to blame”…. do you see my point here..

          This time, there was about 49% of american voters chose not to Vote… Can you imagine if this number was 90%. Will the current corrupt government (empire) still be able to claim it is government for the people by the people.?? (like they do now 🙂 )

          And i don’t mean to belittle the Green Party, but no other party stands to have a chance while the system is corrupt. It is like the chicken and the egg question…. current status is, you have to be corrupt to be able to play politics in USA, and since the Green Party is not corrupt (or i assume not as corrupt), then they stand a FAT zero chance of winning.)

          • “If someone comes to you and says, which do you prefer, to be punched in the head or punched in the stomach, and you “vote” on for punch in the stomach because it is less painful. Then the person delivering the punch will tell you ‘you chose this, and you only have yourself to blame’…. do you see my point here..”

            Another description of voting for President: Two men come to your door and they’re both packing guns. Both tell you they want to rob you. The first says he’s going to take your money, your TV, your stereo, your laptop, your camera, and your microwave. The second One says he’s going to take your money, your TV, your stereo, your laptop, your camera, but leave the microwave. Which one are you going to choose? I think that’s a better description of what sort of choice the disenchanted voter makes. And not all voters are disenchanted.

            “This time, there was about 49% of american voters chose not to Vote… Can you imagine if this number was 90%. Will the current corrupt government (empire) still be able to claim it is government for the people by the people.?? (like they do now 🙂 )”

            If that was the case, do you think whatever kind of government the 10% chose would really care what they could claim? Does it matter? Hell, they can almost justify doing anything to the masses who are too lazy or stupid not to even do as little as bothering to vote. Anyone who thinks not voting will help bring the government down is smoking dope. There are always alternatives, there is no requirement that one vote for the Demoblican monopoly. Personally, I think you give that 49% too much credit in thinking they all chose anything. How many didn’t even realize it was election day until it was too late? How many of those people do you really want deciding your future?

          • VoiceOf Arabi says:

            Hi Mark,

            you say “……. How many of those people do you really want deciding your future?”

            ahhh.. I live in a police state… only one man decides my future (all the countries future).

            USA is heading towards police state, and if you guys fall, then the whole planet is doomed. With their record, both China and Russia will not give a flying monkey for human rights or stopping police states…

            Just saying!!

          • Thx for the polite response. But its not that black and white. And like Mark said it wouldnt matter if 10% or any % elected the government, they would still be the government. In fact if nobody at all voted they would just keep the same government or the Empire would install whatever puppets they wanted to install ! So its not even a part of any real solution ! Just more of the same bullshit ! Another fake solution ! If people stopped being sheep and didnt vote for the Empires parties, dems and repubs, and united behind the Green Party and continued to support them after the elections instead of leaving everything up to them, then as i said that would be PART of the solution, not all of it ! That giving up attitude is what will allow the Empire to accomplish their disgusting, nefarious goals ! There ARE solutions, but merely not voting isnt one of them. And of course the voting is rigged ! That just means its time to unrig the voting, not just bitch and moan and let the Empire win while doing false solutions like not voting ! The libertarian party is sold out to the corporate, bankster empire so forget them, at least for now. The Green Party looks like the best one or at least one of the best. Of course they wouldnt go in there naively thinking everythings wonderful ! They have the intention to improve things ! At least theyre trying instead of giving up and just not voting and standing around every day bitching and moaning. They need help and support from vast numbets of people, they dont have magic wands ! With their help and by helping them we CAN bring positive change ! There are many things that need to be done and all the solutions are all around us but many people are still just talking instead of learning and doing solutions !!! Brilliant, compassionate people have explained the solutions ! Now its time to implement them ! For instance ! Dr. Steven Greer with Free, Zero Point Energy ! We can be off fossil fuels and nuclear energy within a decade ! Everyone look it up, learn about it and support it ! Also, despite James Corbetts misunderstanding of it, The Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph and resource based economy maybe with some modifications, i dont know, im not an expert, as well as The Venus Project possibly, also maybe with some modifications. These are all crucial solutions ! Learn about them everyone instead of the incessent bitching and rehashing of the same bullshit ten billion times !!! We all know its broken, now lets get off our ass and fix it !!! One more thing i want to add. Check out The Art of Living and other similar things for developong peoples minds and awareness as well as for healing and also for spreading positive energy into the world and reducing the negative ! These are very powerful and effective ways to transform the world into a much better world !

        • Um, voting literally does not matter. At all. The voting systems are completely rigged. Look up the franklin scandal and other voting machine issues. Literally, your vote has NO bearing on who is selected for president.

          • Then its time to unrig it instead of standing around bitching about it and giving up or not doing anything or waiting for Santa Claus to do it !!!

    • candideschmyles says:

      From the moment Trump first threw his hat into this race I never for a moment thought that he was anything other than someone selected by the deep state who could make ever more draconian policy somehow acceptable. Like a political tourettes syndrome candidate, mildly amusing despite the dark content. At the end of the day perhaps people have got what they deserve however. The truth, or at least enough information to deduce some credible idea of the truth, is freely available to anyone who cares to look. But they don’t care. The masses want only convenience or death. Votes should count, voting should count. But the deep apathy of the people insure that it will never matter.

    • Wasn’t Gary Johnson pro TPP?

  4. Art of Living, Peter Joseph and Zeitgeist Movement,Dr Steven Greer and Zero Point Free energy, probably Venus Project, at least to an extent, and Green Party !!! Theres 5 solutions already ! Learn them, do them, support them !!! Go beyond mere talk ! Its been talked to death ! Lets DO the SOLUTIONS !!!

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