Countering the Real Fake News

Sibel Edmonds tackles the latest development on the censoring of so-called fake news by the major social media channels. Edmonds points out the actual news outlets responsible for the publication of fake news and propaganda, and offers you a solution.

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  1. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Hi Sibel and Spiro,

    I really hope that Kick Starter achieves the target, and I have a lot of hope in our community… in some religions, God created the Universe & everything else in just six ( 6 ) days.

    Please forgive me, but i don’t fully understand the business model you are aiming for. My understanding is, Newsbud is going for 4 phases of kickstarter funding (to purchase equipment & hires), to establish enough subscription base, which will finance Newsbud for the rest of its life? Am I correct?? Am i the only person who is confused with regards to the business model?

    However, life teaches me to always have plan B and Plan C, etc etc.

    From reading the posts, i can see that some members are “looney tunes” candidates, however, i think the majority are sane people with huge experience in life and business. I am positive that you have already created a business plan and model for Newsbud, and answered many of the questions, but i think you should utilize this base for “free” business consultancy & customer feedback. You should look into answering questions like.
    1- How to increase membership lists with “free marketing/word of mouth marketing”
    2- how to incentify members and potential members to increase Newsbud membership list.
    3- What is wrong with advertising for ethically good business (Newsbud cannot be the only ethical business out there),
    4- How can existing staff engage in “ethical” marketing to increase membership list. (creating good content is good, but engaging members and potential members is what is going to drive growth.)
    5- etc etc.. there are many questions that you may already have in your planning documents, and the community can help you answer them.

    Still… I think the next 6 days may surprise all of us.. I wish you / us lots of luck.

    keep up the good work

  2. Hell no to the marketing idea. What she is supposed to he enticing people with is accurate non bullshit (now an academic term!) news. Soon as she allows ads in she will be, whether conciously or not, altering what she would say in light of recieving more revenue from them. Hell f-ing no!

    And you forgot one thing, how to counter the censorship, like view count shaving, and ghosting and harassment (did anyone else noitce that one comment from a GL in the deepstate talking about a Lynn or something?) other issues.

    She does need to find a way to find more people actually interested in this platform… people that aren’t flat broke like me and most others.

    • VoiceOf Arabi says:

      Hello Dr. No..

      I mean this in the kindest way… but please refer to people using their name.. when you say “She does need…..” i assume you mean Sibel Edmonds, right? so if yes, then you can call her Sibel, or Mrs Edmonds or Sibel Edmonds or just plain S.E…… It is impolite to use SHE or HE… Who is she, the cats mother?? 🙂

      I am also aware different cultures use language differently, and i mean no disrespect…

  3. Um, in my culture there is no difference unless it sparks confusion as to who I am speaking about.

  4. re dr no’s ”did anyone else noitce that one comment from a GL in the deepstate talking about a Lynn or something?) other issues.

    She does need to find a way to’ ‘unless it sparks confusion as to who I am speaking about.
    ‘… when i first read that, actually, i thought your ‘she’ referred to ‘ a lynn or something,’ whoever/’whatever?’ that is, quite confusing!!! (and i’m a ‘lynn,’ but most likely not the one to whom the quote referred. !) lynn b

  5. Right on! This is what I’m talking about: real news and critical analysis from contributors with strong track records and integrity who are truly in it for the right reasons with no compromises. I’m proud to support Newsbud and I’m thankful to Sibel and the team for having the guts and determination to put it on the line and say; yes, a real alternative is possible. No compromises, no BS, click bait, sugar daddy supplementary income, and No Fake News! Let’s keep it rolling. In an ocean of sewage, particularly the 2016 cesspool, Newsbud is like a life raft with a motor and now more than ever I think people are going to be willing to get on board and chip in for gas to head towards some solid ground instead of opting for the “free” mainstream and pseudo-alternative cruises set on course further out to sea. Let’s let them sail off into irrelevance while we chart a new route opposite the one which has lead us astray against our best interests. All hands on deck, we’ve made it past phase two and I’m looking forward to and feel optimistic about what’s on the horizon. Many thanks to the Newsbud team and to those who joined me in putting their money where there mouth is in order to keep things moving forward! =]

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