Government- The Only Viable Threat to the US Constitution

In this episode of Newsbud Roundtable Sibel Edmonds and Spiro are joined by Newsbud legal analyst Todd Macfarlane and attorney Roger Roots, who served as a paralegal to defendant Ryan Bundy during the Oregon Standoff Trial. The discussion includes the subversion of rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, the escalation of police state practices and the media as facilitator, and much more. Do not miss this raw and heated discussion, and bring in your comments.

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  1. Mark Ribbit says:

    Great video conference Sibel and team!

    Sibel’s message:
    “We must defend our constitution against the only enemy who is capable of damaging or perverting it; the U.S. Govt.”

    and… stop being hypocrites you Libertarians, Constitution Party/organizations, ACLU whose silence was deafening for seven months prior to the verdict. Where were you? Where was your help when desperately needed?

    Todd’s assessment of the problem: lack of government accountability.

    I’m looking forward to Part III, LaVoy Finicum’s murder story.

  2. Sheila Damodaran says:

    Hi Sibel, Todd, Roger and Spiro. Thanks for sharing this discussion. Your exposure of the stark difference between what occurred in court and what was presented in the media was very enlightening. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the murder of Mr LaVoy Finicum. I followed the events in Oregon and like so many others, watched his set up, take down and murder. If I were an American citizen, I would have been up in arms over the state sanctioned killing of a fellow citizen, in such a cold blooded and calculated fashion, broadcast live on TV. Not being one, I can only pass on my condolences to his family, and hope that justice will be served on those who forced him to die alone in the snow.

    This is my second comment on Newsbud. I was a supporter during the 1st campaign, and am heartened to see that the target was reached for the next. Sibel if I may, I have some comments regarding your presenting style that I would prefer to send to you privately, woman to woman you might say. If you are amenable to that, please do get in touch. I’m a big fan of you and your work, have so much respect for your dedication and work ethic, and really want to see you and the whole team succeed. As we can see from the whole ‘fake news’ saga, there is a window of opportunity for independent outlets to gain ground, while the lying mainstream media lies wounded and wallowing in self pity.

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