Newsbud’s Warning on the Fake News Bucket List: Watch out for the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Newsbud's Sibel Edmonds issues an urgent warning for potential whistleblowers and viewers in search of the truth. Be warned of dangerous booby traps and sheep-dipped alternatives when it comes to the latest desperate attempt by the establishment to counter the true alternatives. We must investigate those included in the establishment-issued ‘Fake News Bucket List' ....

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Show Notes

AntiWar.Com Joins MSM to Attack Independent Reporters, Authors & Analysts

ProPublica Exposed: A Pseudo Alternative with $26 Million Dollars in Secret Mega-Donors Funding

Alternative to What? The BFP Roundtable Dissects the "Alternative" Media

The List

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: FBI’s Sheep-Dipped Man in a Whistleblowers Organization

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  1. Thierry Meyssan. Voltairenet :

    “While Propaganda or Not? does not publish the names of its directors, it does indicate that it unites four organisations – Polygraph, The Interpreter, the Center for European Policy Analysis and the Digital Forensic Research Lab.
     Polygraph is one of the sites of Voice of America, the US public radio and television organisation controlled by the Broadcasting Board of Governors. 
 The Interpreter is a magazine of the Institute of Modern Russia, now broadcast by Voice of America. 
 The Center for European Policy Analysis is a pseudopod of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) directed by Zbigniew Brzeziński and Madeleine Albright. 
 And finally, the Digital Forensic Research Lab is a programme of the Atlantic Council.
    In a document distributed by Propaganda or Not?, this pseudo-NGO, born of associations financed by the Obama administration, clearly names its enemy – Russia. It accuses Russia of having been the origin of the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Internet sites supporting Syria and Crimea.

  2. I would like to add Alex Jones and Zerohedge and Paul Craig Roberts to the list. All three were humping Trumps leg like a rabid un-neutered dog. I have noticed in particular with Zerohedge that the comments section has been taken over by Trump trolls. Apparently the old time commenters have all left, judging from complaints in the comments section to that effect. Plus the constant blathering about how Trump will save us all and articles about “Trump Country”… apparently a rich F-er that lives in a tower in a city is not a decadent city dweller and has a lot in common with rednecks… I say that with a great deal of sarcasm. And Paul Craig Roberts has been hyping trump with headlines about how the elite are scheming against him and how his is kicking the teeth out of the liars and etc… blah blah blah. It is sick. Frikken sick. And Alex, he was always crap with mixing David Icke and other BS types with things that are legit like Sibel, but I always made excuses until I saw him humping Trumpsblike leg he was super glued to it. To be clear Hillay disgusts me too, but the sites I visit seem to be being taken over by the Trump Hump gang. I used to the Paul Craig Roberts was just disillusion and had gone silly, but now I don’t trust it so much.

    And does anyone know anything about Syriangirl aka Maram Susli? She supported Trump because he didn’t seem as likely to want to blow up Syria, and she has been minimally supportive of Trump… but is there more to it?

    So, the list is…

    1) Alex Jones (evidenced by Trump Humping)
    2) Zerohedge (evidenced by Trumo Humping)
    3) Paul Craig Roberts (evidenced by Trump Humping)

  3. Looks like they are trying to fire up some Mao style dissident round ups. Only nowadays they have all of our search histories in a database. This reminds me of something. They will use many covers for the round ups. Like this

    “Despite widespread, concerted media attempts to downplay the significance of the recent arrest by federal marshalls of Mr. Paul Akers, a citizen who borrowed federal student loans nearly 3 decades ago, the facts of this case cry out to the contrary. Consider:

    FACT: Of 7000 cases filed in the Houston area alone, 1,500 are now queued up for ARREST. The vast majority of these, if not ALL OF THESE judgements were obtained against the borrowers IN ABSENTIA.

    FACT: In this particular case they sent the summons to the wrong address, but had no problems finding the borrower when the time came to make the arrest. This fact should be screaming out to REAL journalists everywhere.

    FACT: This is a preliminary arrest rate of nearly 25%.

    FACT: A similar 2003 operation in Minnesota, dubbed “Operation Anaconda Squeeze”, which targeted 150 student loan debtors, resulted in only 4 arrests, or, an arrest rate of only about 2.5%

    FACT: On just the current arrests planned in this Texas district alone, the court and federal marshalls stand to pocket nearly $2 million in fees from these judgements and arrests.

    FACT: Never before have citizens in this country been arrested for loan debt on a scale ANYWHERE NEAR this large. We are talking about thousands of people in the Houston area alone, but the Department of Education has recently contracted with large collection lawfirms to engage in this sort of collection activity ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

    These facts indicate clearly that a grave assault on the civil liberties of the citizens is underway on a scale not seen in this country since before debtor’s prisons were abolished. TRUE journalists everywhere should consider these facts, and seek the following information:

    1. How many people have already been arrested in the Texas district in question, in addition to the 1,500 people who federal marshall’s already have planned for arrest.

    2. How many of the 7,000 similar cases brought have yet to be decided, and how many additional warrants are likely to be issued from these cases.

    3. Are there 7,000 federal cases in total pending in this Texas district, or more?

    4. Did the court rule against ALL 1,500 people due to be arrested in absentia?

    Be advised that federal student loans are the ONLY type of loan in our nation’s history to be specifically vacated of standard bankruptcy protections, statutes of limitations, refinancing rights, Fair Debt Collection Practice laws, Standard Truth in Lending laws, and even state usury laws.”


    U.S. Journalists and Professors Appearing on RT America Get Blacklisted

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: December 2, 2016
    NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller Is Interviewed on RT Television

    NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller Is Interviewed on RT Television

    Some independent journalists and university professors in the United States who have appeared on RT television to criticize either runaway corruption on Wall Street or in Washington, have landed on two newly created blacklists. RT is a Russian state-financed news network formerly known as Russia Today. Its English-language RT America unit broadcasts from Washington, D.C.

    A shadowy group called PropOrNot, that has not disclosed either its funders or its principals, has created a blacklist of 200 independent media web sites that it is calling tools of Russia. On the list are some of the most popular and widely read alternative media outlets like Naked Capitalism, Truthout and Truthdig, which regularly carry articles by some of the most knowledgeable and informed voices in America. Another popular site, CounterPunch, was originally on the list but has now been removed following what PropOrNot calls a “constructive conversation.” Reporter Craig Timberg of the Washington Post has come under withering criticism for amplifying the McCarthyite blacklist in a Thanksgiving Day article.

    Equally disturbing, 200 university and college professors have been placed on a new Professor Watchlist being operated by Turning Point USA, a right-wing nonprofit run by 23-year old Charlie Kirk who spoke this year at the Republican National Convention. Kirk has raised well over $1 million from conservatives to spread the “free markets/small government” mantra at high school and university campuses (never mind that Wall Street’s “free markets” are just as corrupt today as they were heading into the 2008 epic financial crash).”

    And I got that off Paul Craig Roberts site.

    Be careful. They are running this rabbit hole deep.

    1) They will probably try to get false accusations flying about news sites like this one, which are legit, by making other alt news sites appear to be BS to those, like us, who are in the know. This will be an attempt to conflate the situation. They want to start a witch hunt amongst truthers (whether you people like the truther label or not, truthers is what we all are) to tear down trust in the truther community and breed doubt and innaction.

    2) They will try to infiltrate the truther community to lead it in false directions as has happened with the Trump Hump in comments sections and with faux alternative sites.

    3) They will keep us all distracted and infighting while they bring the “Mao Hammer” (that’s what I am calling the round ups) down.

    Does anyone else know what other tactics they may use?

    • candideschmyles says:

      It seems to me like any source these days is only as good as their last story. Asking myself why this is so is only an excursion into futile supposition. However as that is something I am habituated into I shall continue.
      It is observationaly valid to posit that the more profound actions of the deep state rarely are singular in purpose. Planning and execution invariably have to take several potentialities and their knock on effects into account. Rarely, if ever, is a plot unfolded that does not serve multiple needs. This is in part unavoidable, due to the inherent complexities of such management, but also, it seems to me, a matter of pride in one’s work. Nefarious as it might be.
      Looking at the appointees Trump has named it must be clear to anyone visiting this site that the more dangerous elements of the shadow state have once again won the day. Which makes it equally clear that 8 years on HRC has again been toyed with but denied the status she craved. And, despite the larger than life bluster, as with George W. and Obama we have a pliant and obedient servant elected to be President. I would hazard the guess that HRC is viewed as having three faults from the perspective of the president pickers. She is unwell, she is a woman and she is simply too potentially dangerous even for them. Whatever the reason it is with a high degree of certainty I state that both were bought candidates. Trump however has something Clinton does not, the illusion he is unconnected to the old guard. And the instigation of a war on alternative media happening at this point is indicative that this is a President elect who is going to be a credibly deniable asset. That is the US will require to deny he is representative of American policy and intentions.

      The media war though spotlighting Russian influence is engaged in a misrepresentation of China. Both Russia and China are embarked on military upgrade and expansion to the point that if allowed to go unchecked will not be formidable but unbeatable. If the US hegemony wishes to maintain its preeminence on the world stage it has a narrowing window of opportunity. Some might with some credibility say the window of opportunity has passed. Yet the US militarization of both Europe and the Western Pacific has expanded greatly recently. Only this week 1600 tanks arrived in Holland and in the South China Sea the number of vessels deployed guarantees almost daily encounters with China.

      When the war is on the free expression of opinion and facts that run contrary to the official narrative then there is no clearer signal that real war is on the agenda. And, IMHO, this is precisely where we are at. The US hegemonic masters, ie… unelected controlers of the EU, will wage ground war on Russia. The US will pin back China from the Pacific. And if it all goes Tits up they can just play their Trump card.

  4. Oh, the search histories are important because they all them to tell who is dissident and who isn’t.

    How do we defend against all of this?

  5. That should be “allow them” not “all them”

  6. I’ve tried for a week now to download the Probable Cause link for sheep-dipped journalists given here at the end of the Show Notes and keep getting “file not found” — likewise for nearly all of the episodes of Probable Cause. Have these been taken down and/or not available anymore? Please respond. This is a dead link on my end. Thank you.

    • I checked it out and sure enough, I’m experiencing a snafu as well: when I click the “play” button to listen, a window pops up (looks like a Microsoft window, saying that Boiling Frogs requires a username and password to listen since it’s for members only, then warns me that I would be sending the info on an unsecure server(?!). Not gonna do it since I’m already signed in, so…

      Hope they fix it, cause the entire Probable Cause series is very good.

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