NATO Nightmare: Russia-Germany Alliance

In this week’s edition of Newsbud Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras are joined by Newsbud Analyst Christoph Germann and Newsbud Senior Analyst Professor Filip Kovacevic. We discuss recent developments in Germany and throughout Europe leading up to the German elections. We analyze the significance of Germany’s role as a US/NATO ally and the potential ramifications of Merkel losing her position as German Chancellor. All this and much more; do not miss this in-depth exclusive presentation.

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Show Notes

Newsbud Exclusive- The Disastrous Track Record of the New ‘Leader of the Free

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  1. Sibel, it was very good idea to bring attention to and attempt to clarify this annoying term “neoliberal”, although directing that to Mr. Kovacevic without any follow-up was hardly the best way to go about it. This is one of my least favourite political labels and I feel like taking this opportunity to express my disappointment that even analysts from the Newsbud team, whom I admire mainly for their foreign policy analysis, habitually use this thoroughly misleading and disingenuous description . Basically “neoliberalism” is and always has been a smear term used by those who hate capitalism.

    I say it is disingenuous because it leads to habitually packaging all those who do not share the socialist outlook. Particularly, it enables to link libertarians who oppose big government with the imperial elites who also, although for very different reasons, do not cheer for unlimited expansion of government budgets and debt (and therefore call for “austerity” on some occasions). So if you oppose monstrous government “systems”, be it health-industrial complex or public education-manufacturing you are on the same side with Wall Street, IMF, TPP, NATO and whatever not. Because you are all “neoliberals”.

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