Fake News: The Latest Effort to Destroy Alternative Media

On this edition of The Geopolitical Report, we cover the establishment’s effort to characterize alternative news as Russian propaganda. We look at the government’s use of lies to start wars and how the establishment media parrots these lies. Is PropOrNot, the anonymous sources of the “fake news” campaign amplified by The Washington Post, part of a psychological operation run by US intelligence? This is a distinct possibility considering The Washington Post’s association with the CIA and its Operation Mockingbird, a massive effort initiated in the 1950s to disseminate real fake and distorted news through corporate media channels.

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 Show Notes

Google Will Ban Websites that Host Fake News

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

British Foreign Affairs Committee

Targeting Journalists in Iraq is Pentagon Policy


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  1. Mark Ribbit says:

    Excellent summary Kurt of a serious potential threat to many Alt-news sites.
    This is one that I will be following very closely in the days and weeks to come.

    Isn’t the mother of all ironies at play here?
    The government and its controlled MSM are crying foul when they themselves
    are one of the greatest disseminators of fake news stories!

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    UN to stop publishing Iraq military casualty figures
    ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The UN mission in Iraq, UNAMI, will stop publicizing military casualty figures after the Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi military complained the UN’s figures for November were “much exaggerated.”
    “UNAMI acknowledges that the military figures were largely unverified,” reads a statement published by the UN’s Iraqi mission on Saturday.

    This couldn’t possibly mean that UNAMI has been guilty of producing fake news would it?

  3. candideschmyles says:

    The blatant in your face bullshit of state sanctioned msm propaganda does not stand alone as the sole repository of public manipulation. The whole output of state and commercial broadcasting starts working on populations from infants to the grumpy old in all programming. As Julian Assange puts it “everything is propaganda “. Nothing makes it onto the screens that is not vetted.
    While there are an increasing band of social commentaries on the www that truly explore and expose truth in its monumentally ugly reality it does little to effect or even reach the kind of numbers that might threaten the efficacy of the main body of state propaganda. Some point to Brexit, Pagida and Trump as examples of how this is starting to change. Pagida reveals the lie and the awful truth that even when there is popular support the corporate hegemony has in place all the coercive capabilities to subvert it to its purpose. With Brexit and Trump this is not the case. Neither are examples of genuine change in my opinion. Both are part of the plan to continue a program of chaos. Brexit is no surprise and Trump is just another puppet.
    I still see little hope. Even this site has its gatekeepers. James Corbett builds his ‘reputation’ on regurgitating old information on evil empire, senseless advocacy of unworkable notions of anarchy and his real purpose, denial of the efficacy of the scientific method and the big oil climate change denial. Why he is given a platform here is beyond me.
    I see little hope for change.

  4. I never thought of James as a gatekeeper or in any way disingenuous. Also, I will note it now. And Sibel has experienced this before, and I do not mean it as an attack on you candideschmyles, but I have noticed that there will be those who pose friend, but instead are insidious foes. I noticed once when a poster told me that a vid showing the Nazi’s confessing to using fluoride on the Jews at Nuremburg existed, but of course, not such video exists. These people endear themselves with us and then use that endearment to weave in red herrings and discrediting info and such. A hyperbolic example would be Alex Jones with David Icke.

    Also, I do wonder about people like Nomi Prins. I started to watch James’ interview with her (I really have to wonder why he went to Tokyo for that given health risk of it) and I had to stop after I realized she was providing “conventional” excuses for banker behavior. It is quite obvious these bankers are not that stupid and have rigged this money shuffling gulag casino, which is an accurate way to describe it, to reduce wages, jack up prices, and slowly relegate us to a binary class system of ultra rich and the impoverished. And his advocacy of startpage (is he still backing that garbage?)….

    it makes me wonder about other things like TOR. Is it really 60% DOD funded or is that a psyop too?

    In the end this rabbit hole is so rotten and deep… I can see only one solution. And that is the surveillance society. It will be dependent upon the honesty of the machines upon which it relies, and upon making a suitable and accessible by all interface. And how that is done, I am not sure. I could only reach the idea of using fear to create a society that demanded to see it all, all the time, all of the elite, all of each other, all of everything and which was weary and wise enough due to that fear and desire to be on th watch out for lies and mistakes and poorly or wrongly designed technological instruments of implementation. I reach this conclusion over and over again. It is the only possible solution it seems.

    Pizza gate was nice, but it has failed to strike the necessary fear into the general populace. Nor has the fact that terror attacks (whether you believe them manufactured or not) which the intelligence community could see coming, and ignored, likely purposely, we allowed to happen… the only possible solution being a society so awash in an internet of things that they could see both the terrorists and their state enablers in action at the same time. As Eric Schmidt said, people behave when they are watched. And the power structure most definately needs to be watched. But, due to the fact that the majority seem to favor the power structure, the only solution I can see is to implement a fear that initially seems to favor the power structure, but in reality will surround it with surveillance, leaving q society with one last curious place to look. And that place being the dark halls of the state and the oligarchy and other power centers. The whole concept of a great savior must also be destroyed so that people will stop looking for hope in lies like Trump, or the pope, or Gulen, etc… but the only way to destroy with is with direct audio/visual confirmation of their fraudulent nature.

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      I started to watch James’ interview with her (I really have to wonder why he went to Tokyo for that given health risk of it)

      You wouldn’t happen to be related to that chap ‘No Name’ who used to post here several months ago?
      James didn’t make a special trip to Tokyo to interview Nomi Prins.
      He lives there!

      • I thought he lived in south western Japan. Why the hasn’t he moved!? He just had a kid, and they’re the most vulnerable. I never will understand some people.

    • I should note that I am not advocating terrorism. I was lamenting on the fact that things that were either allowed or enabled by the state failed to strike upon the public the idea that they should take these surveillance matters into their own hands, which would inevitably make terrorism, homegrown or manufactured, vastly more difficult. It would also make the blackmail system which runs this country vastly weaker. There are so many example where a surveillance society would eliminate so many problems, and yet we are still stuck with this vile worthless surveillance state instead.

  5. That should be “were allowed to happen” not “we allowed to happen”. The mobile site is so hell bent on showing the newsbud and control panel banners that much of the time I cannot see what I am typing as they squish the line of text being typed below my keyboard where I cannot see it. Also, the first few links on the main page are too wide and leave little room for the areas that allow scrolling when pressed on.

  6. https://www.mail.com/news/us/4816920-pizza-shop-gunman-regrets-handled-situation.html#.7518-stage-hero1-1

    “Pizza shop gunman says he regrets how he handled situation

    SALISBURY, N.C. (AP) — The man accused of firing an assault rifle inside a Washington restaurant said he regrets how he handled the situation but refused to completely dismiss the false online claims involving a child sex ring that brought him there.”

    Notice how they describe it as false. I don’t know if it is false or not. How does the reporter know?

    They will try to spin this so that anyone who views this Comet pizza crap with any skepticism is conaidered “mentally ill”.

  7. candideschmyles says:

    “I never thought of James as a gatekeeper or in any way disingenuous.”

    I once thought he was the genuine article but came to the realisation that there are too many disconnects in his narrative that are irreconcilable for someone of his intelligence to be making accidentally. And when you see the climate change narrative he promotes is exactly that which the oil industry developed to counter the hard science it does not take a leap of faith to deduce the truth. That he hosts legally proven tools of ExxonMobil can only make him stupid or complicit. There is no grey.

    • Ralph Davis says:

      Without citing exactly what you refer to when you suggest ‘disconnects in his narrative’ makes such comments trollish to the extreme.

      ‘Legally proven tools of Exxon’? Writ like a true tool of self-infatuation as well as flatulent complicity to stupidity.

      You could not be more wrong about variants of grey. I’m a designer utilizing infinite shades.

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      How dare you attempt to tarnish the stellar reputation of James Corbett!
      Does every truther have to be 100% in sync with your views to be legitimate?

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