Synthetic Terrorism: Federal Court Upholds Another FBI-Manufactured Terror Case

This week the 9th circuit court of appeals upheld the conviction of the would be Portland Oregon Christmas tree bomber. The federal court rejected the defense’s argument that the FBI had entrapped the defendant and that the FBI unconstitutionally collected his emails without a warrant. Not only does this ruling uphold warrantless surveillance, it also legitimizes the government's tactics to manufacture terror plots against Americans.

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 Show Notes

FBI’s Warrantless Collection of Emails Upheld by Federal Court

United States Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit

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WTC 1993 was an FBI job

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  1. Ralph Davis says:

    So, here’s Spiro, an amazingly kind person of high intelligence and critical sensibility aptly summarizing the instant dilemma of the Orwellian manipulation besetting we American and global citizen/victims.

    Where that leaves us is vaguely implicit in the precipitous ending of this presentation. An intuitive edit, perhaps, by someone so diametric to the character of these robotic conspirators, these agent originators and developers of fake-terrorists to commit to their contrivance resulting real terror and bloodshed of the unsuspecting in bowels of broken buildings and splayed public spaces. Terror that predictably outlasts the rubble and building of monumental memorials to the mocked living in deadly hypocrisy and duplicity emotionally serving subversion to reason, moral principle, in contagion of diverting unconsciousness to actual intent, overt indecency of method and brazen corruption of authority.

    When I visit this site and witness the glaring lack of response to these submissions, some, days after posting, I wonder why any of us entertain any real hope of overcoming what certainly appears as inevitable and horrible end to what we once thought an emerging societal greatness of realized human capacities to the greater-good. Where’s our critical mass? Now, realization is one of nearly laughable naiveté, of the twisted moral depravity displayed and the denial, seeming indifference to it, breathtaking.

    So, overwhelming human tragedy as we witness in the exodus from blown-to-hell Africa and Asia, those dead and starving in Yemen, Syria, Sudan and mayhem elsewhere is but a new-world-dis-order. Particularly in this century come the modern, techno-horrors of DARPA begun with such gut-wrenchingly evil display in NYC, now in amplified, directed-beam-broadcast and leveraged contagion by its media agents, baptized in ritualized blood sacrifice the boardroom masters unleash the masterstroke preps to their endgame moves of managed mass death.

    Why then does an enterprise such as BF/Newsbud struggle to capture and involve more good, sensible and determined to be informed and resisting people in light of what we know, ..or should by now? Is it because we know only too well what personal cost is exacted in alienation from family and friends or career should we exercise the will to persist, inform and resist the apparent assimilation into the matrix of both finely crafted and glaringly absurdist lies? At times it’s actually is too much for any one of us mere humans to keep it properly balanced, contextualized or even seem coherent. To keep the simmering dread and disgust from boiling over in pure unconstrained rage. We all want to scream, eh?

    Now when I listen to gentle Spiro discuss these crimes with such disciplined calm I’m grateful for the sanity that prevails here. It can’t be easy nor can the absence of comments affirming to that sanity. At least, to me, disconcerting but, hopefully, not discouraging to our hosts. Thanks, Spiro, Sibel and crew. It’s so necessary having your vigilance manifest as it does. Cheers.

    • spiro skouras says:

      Thank you for your kindness and insight. I agree with you, there should be more people interested in applying themselves and actively getting involved as much as possible. Does the lack of involvement discourage me? No. Does it concern me? Yes! It actually makes me want to do more! We all have heard the saying ‘You can lead a horse to water’… and this applies here as well. Only the individual can determine their own level of involvement. Some choose to ignore the realities that effect them and their families while others sound the alarm, some sit on the sidelines cheerleading or trolling. What we really need are solutions, but where to begin? Ralph, you are definitely one of the irate minority! And I am proud to have you on our side.
      Thanks for the comment

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    Ralph I wouldn’t be so hard upon fellow members and the public for not jumping in and adding comments here. The more I study the dilemma we are in vis-a-vis the deep state and their control upon us, the more I understand the difficulties presented to us and why people act/behave as they do.

    I believe I understand why few are commenting here. One reason at least, is the sheer number of excellent articles and videos currently being produced by the Newsbud team. There are simply too many of them to acknowledge in the way you wish. Do I read/watch most of the content at this site? Yes. Do I agree with most of what is posted? Yes. Do I feel I need to acknowledge everything I read/watch here? No.

    If something strikes my fancy I will say something otherwise I won’t. The team here knows how many hits they are getting. That’s what is most important.

    As far as the public at large is concerned, I have thought about that issue a lot. It is a complex one. I know highly intelligent people who don’t have a clue about what is really going on in this world re: the deep state and the trouble they are causing worldwide.
    Why haven’t they ‘tuned in’? For a multitude of reasons. For starters, many are so dependent upon the MSM to guide their thoughts that they don’t even suspect there is anything wrong with what they are being told. In other words they are living in big, warm, comfortable cocoons, oblivious to what’s really happening geo-politically.

  3. Ralph Davis says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Mark. But I don’t think that we have a luxury of time to come to terms with the scope, manner and purpose of the assault incessantly diverting our consciousness from exigencies. Part of intelligent discernment is arriving at priority issues. So, I disagree with the premise that: “There are simply too many of them to acknowledge in the way you wish.” There is an order of import in the realm of ideas as they pertain to our survival as moral and free thinking species.

    I’m not without sympathy to the many grappling with daily demands, particularly those with family responsibilities. Theirs is arguably the most difficult in the constant pressure of coping with myriad complexities and staying in front of the wave attempting to submerge their capacities to grasp what’s real and what’s not. The few parents that I know with admitted concerns of an existential basis are very somber types, now.

    And so should they be. They’re finally realizing what they’ve long suspected regarding an occulted dominance of political hierarchy that bends only to their own indulgences and the evil to which they self-dedicate. A very old story of irredeemable corruption indeed. ‘God say’s to Abraham; Kill me a son. Abe say’s; Man, you must be puttin’ me on.’ etc..

    In any case of merciful levity, ..the plague of cognitive dissonance has no vaccine nor antidote, I’m afraid. And the art of social conditioning has never been more overt, technical or energetic. We avoid a requisite outrage with real offenses due to the lamentably abundant convenience of ready diversions yet marketed by our psychopaths in charge. Would we be as sanguine were we on more intimate terms of consciousness with Aldous Huxley?

    ‘They’, our shadow masters, would have us believe that at this very second there are no infants or children imprisoned for purposes of most hideous malevolence that feeds an insatiable appetite for the terrorizing of innocents. For anyone of conscious conscience of compassionate sensibility, the thought is but nearly intolerable.

    To not think of it because it infuses the uncomfortably deep sense of its enabling evil is the most unfortunate kind of complicity. It’s the region of manufactured consent that’s apparently required for these depraved consumers of human soul. It’s the most intensely personal example of seduction by available distracting options.

    So easy to excuse our lack of demand that the perps be arrested when we can deftly reference the tweets or emails awaiting our attention,.. er, dog needed to go out, where was I? Seriously, it’s that easy without thinking of anything more pressing than the most trivial ‘need’. We routinely by-pass the urgent. Multiply this at any given moment and we still come up short.

    We all suffered 9/11. There’s no longer excuse for anyone investing their confidence anywhere even near a TV or major news publication. Simply no excuse. At some point we’re accountable for what we think, what we accept and what we know that we don’t know but desperately need to know. That’s what places like BF/Newsbud hope to aid as process to consciousness.

    Cocoon or coffin, Mark?

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