Newsbud Launches China Watch

Newsbud is proud to welcome Peter Lee, with nearly four decades of experience in Asia, as the newest member of the team. Peter Lee is fluent in multiple languages and is considered one of the top experts on China and South Asia. He will be producing weekly videos on his new show China Watch in addition to weekly articles and analyses found exclusively on Newsbud.

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  1. Mark Ribbit says:

    Congratulations to Peter Lee and the expanding Newsbud team! I look forward to reading and watching his contributions here.

  2. victor friese says:

    Yeah, this is good. Now all the big things missing are Africa and Latin America. I think Africa is almost if not as much of a black hole as China is (was). South America is kinda dark on the radar too. What’s going on with that stuff where rich people like the Bush’s were buying up all the water for example? It is nice to see the team filling out.

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