Asia Enters the Post Obama Era

In this first episode of China Watch Peter Lee looks at two key geopolitical developments: the realignment of forces across Asia as Syria winds down and the focus shifts to Central Asian and Uyghur militancy; and the emergence of the North Korean nuclear program as the key security issue in East Asia.  It's a time of transition, uncertainty, and questions as to how the United States under Donald Trump will handle the challenges handed to him by the outgoing Obama administration.

Show Notes

Police: Two dead in Wednesday's Xinjiang attack (Video)

Strike on ETIM Chief Points to Joint Sino-US Anti-Terror Action

Pentagon: Airstrikes Kill 20 or More al Qaeda Fighters in Northern Syria

Heart of Asia Participants Slam Pakistan over Terrorism

China is Ready to Work with Turkey & the International Community to Fight terrorism (Video)

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello PETER LEE,

    That was a good first report. I have enjoyed it..

    It is also contains wealth of information and fact that completes the picture we have from Newsbud. All of a sudden, it seem like i can see the world in 3D… All we need now is the African angel… for example, the Chinese Muslim role and Turkish involvement was explained by yourself, and i am wondering who is “playing” the Nigerian and other African Muslims ??

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