German Government Responsible For Berlin Terror Attack- Parliamentary Meeting Reveals

Newsbud examines new information on the timeline and the suspect of the Berlin Christmas Market Attack. The attack raises questions about the security failures in preventing the terror attack despite knowing full well that the suspect was a ticking time bomb. Join Spiro Skouras and Christoph Germann to discuss Newsbud’s exclusive article ‘The Anis Amri Timeline: How German Authorities Allowed a Well-Known Terrorist Suspect to Strike Berlin’

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Show Notes

The Anis Amri Timeline: How German Authorities Allowed a Well-Known Terrorist Suspect to Strike Berlin’

Berlin truck attack victims to sue for compensation, German minister admits mistakes

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:

    The case for “Daniel Sheehan” …

    Hello Spiro and Christoph, and thank you for a good report. If anything, the reports highlights a strange case were Germany is doing steps against it’s own benefit, as if there was a “shadow German gov” trying to sabotage Germany for someone else’s agenda….

    Which brings me to “Daniel Sheehan”.

    Daniel Sheehan is an attorney who teaches law/history at UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, who identifies there is a “shadow USA Gov” that has in the past sabotaged USA legit Gov, and he identifies people and roles and actually name Names. He relieved all this in series of lectures attended by many students in 2016 and we all can watch it over the web. Please visit the site below and check for your self.. i would recommend Class 11: JFK, Cuba, and the CIA.

    I always hear people bitching about gatekeepers and the likes, yet, i have not heard many come in support for Daniel Sheehan… in fact, i am wondering why he is still alive, why did he not have an accident and cut his own head while shaving??

    Spiro… I think you are ideal to take ownership of this project and inject some “Daniel Sheehan” into Newsbud once you confirm for yourself that what he states is actually facts.

  2. “Attorney Daniel Sheehan Gives Sage Advice on Bringing a 9/11 Civil Action”

    • I don’t have time to watch a 50-minute presentation by Daniel Sheehan. But guess what: I just watched this entire 50-minute presentation by Daniel Sheehan. Couldn’t turn it off. Wow. This guy is a national treasure. Thanks for sharing. “If [he] says something, you better take it to the bank…and bring your checkbook.” Great stories. Crucial.

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