Trump Plays the Taiwan Card

In this week's episode, Donald Trump places Taiwan at the center of his China strategy.  China Watch explains why the Taiwan issue is a growing strategic vulnerability for the People's Republic of China and how Donald Trump plans to exploit it.  Also, the furor over Rex Tillerson's statement on the South China Sea receives a skeptical airing.

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Show Notes

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Trump team struggles for cohesion on tougher China policy

China Rejects Donald Trump’s Suggestion to Negotiate With Taiwan

Trumps talks with Taiwan President: Tsai Ing-wen calls Donald, Western media flips out

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello Peter Lee,

    That was an excellent report.. I truly enjoyed it.

    I don’t know much about South China Sea, but I think your second analysis (USA is using Taiwan to make China submit) is the analysis that is accepted in my head…

    Otherwise, why would USA or Japan would want to help Taiwan get their independence?? Who still believes that USA is all about freedom and democracy.. In fact, if both USA and Japan cared about freedom or democracy, they would give it to their own people in USA or Japan.

    That said, i understand why they don’t wish for China to grow stronger, as power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. (we already have a corrupt superpower called USA!)

  2. Welcome, Peter Lee. Excellent summary and analysis.

  3. victor friese says:

    I like this show, but I want to complain here a bit as I have seen too many people do it… PLEASE DO NOT EVER PIMP OUT A POLITICIAN!!! ANY POLITICIAN!!! They are all crap. I saw Paul Craig Roberts go down that road. Now I don’t even read his stuff anymore. He started of light, and now he is a rabid Trump pimp.

    I know you were just analyzing here, and I really like that, but don’t step over that pimping line, please. Oh, and halogen lighting is your friend. Use it.

  4. Michal Rymes says:

    Another great report. China and pacific is so interesting reagon, yet we know and hear relatively little. Keep up the great work Kurt! BR, Michal

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