Turkey Terror Spike: Operation Gladio B Targeting Turkey’s Erdogan

Sibel Edmonds exposes a covert operation aimed against the democratically elected government of Turkey in response to the directional change of the Syrian war. She examines the recent increase in terror attacks in Turkey, who is behind the attacks, and why.

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Show Notes

Power outages linked to sabotage, minister rules out further risk

Three reasons the Islamic State is focused on Turkey

Russia pleased with deepening US-Turkey rift over Syria

How Iran sees Russian-Turkish deal on Syria

US Media: Distorters of Reality & Gravediggers of Truth

BFP Exclusive: Syria- Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President

Syria Coverage Update: BBC Reporter was detained & Prevented from Covering US-NATO- Syrian Operations in Turkey!

Istanbul nightclub attack involved an intelligence organization: deputy PM

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  1. I still don’t understand the relevance of the coup generals being ‘all part of NATO’. Isn’t that trivial? If Turkey is part of NATO, then isn’t every Turkish general ‘part of NATO’?
    See also https://www.newsbud.com/2016/07/24/newsbud-breaking-news-turkeys-coup-plotters-are-members-of-natos-rapid-deployable-corps/#comment-23506

    • spiro skouras says:

      Hi Oliver,
      The fact that a ‘specialized’ unit of NATO being involved is significant and absolutely must be pointed out. This isn’t just a unit of Turkish troops / generals that trained with NATO, this is an elite unit that specializes in commanding brigades of NATO troops on ‘specialized’ or heavy combat missions behind enemy lines, among other ‘specific skills’. This means that they would in fact be in command and have a leadership role over tens of thousands of NATO troops deployed on combat missions. This ‘specialized training’ would mean that this group would likely play a significant role in any operation they were involved in. Given the nature of Gladio evolving into Gladio B, and the recent events regarding the balance of power… I would say this is a significant piece of there puzzle, and most certainly should be looked into further.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • victor friese says:


  2. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Point of order, if such is allowed, please stop referring to non-Shii’a areas as “Sunni.” The term has degenerated to mean non-Shii’a, but that is NOT what it means. It is supposed to mean those that actually follow Qur’an and Sunnah, which excludes most Muslims, even if they call themselves that. Truth in journalism should be just that.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello Sam Bissonnette,

      I agree with you that we must stop using the labels “Sunni” or “Shia’a”. These labels should be the domains of Mass Media, and it is designed to create divide among Muslims, and confusion for the rest of the world. Very similar to labeling North Ireland “Protestant” vs “Catholic”, labels which are not created by the British Empire, but encouraged and promoted by them and their Mass Media to make the fight for independence a religious fight and give the Brits the ability to say “we have nothing to do with it.. These stupid Irish insist on fighting each other on religion because they are dumb!”

      Now, Just like the Irish, at least 50% of the responsibility lies with the Muslim Clerks or “Imams” who’s limited views on the world goes only as far as some books written a 1000 years ago, and whom are more interested in becoming a “supreme leader” of a 10% than just another “imam” and the $ amount off course.

      However, to correct you… Sunni’s and Shia’a both follow Qura’an and Sunnah. In fact, the big conflict, which happened around year 680AC was political and not religious. Power Struggle. Both sides hijacked Islam and wanted to turn it into hereditary system instead of “democracy”. The old ruling elite won, and the Prophets family lost, and the Shia’a faith started among the people who supported the Prophets family.

      Forward to today… Around the end of the 19 century, British Empire saw a benefit to create a divide and rule in the Muslim World, and they started and supported the divide, and to give you an example of that.
      Today, there are around 3 Satellite TV Stations broadcasting “hate” directed towards Sunni presented by Shia’a “Imams” all based out of London, UK. after my initial investigation, i discovered these stations (it costs a lot of money to run a Satellite TV station) are financed by Intelligence agencies. and they really curse and insult important figures in Islam (which are part of the ruling elite – check above), and call them pedophile and whores, which is insulting to any Muslim regardless of sect.
      Also Today, there are around 8 Satellite TV stations broadcasting “hate” directed towards Shia’a presented by Sunni “Imams”, majority based out of Saudi, Egypt and Turkey. Again, and same as above, they call the Shia’a sons of whores, and infidels that should be killed and you will get rewarded 72 virgins in heaven if you do. (basically, a religious licence to kill any Shia’a you come across!)

      Now, the real Islam is based on the following: If you believe in God, then you are not infidel regardless of religion. It also specifically says that Christians, Jews and Muslims all have the same God. (this is direct from the Qura’an)

      Clearly, the statement directly above is “bad” for (war) business, and therefore you will not see it anywhere, yet it is a pillar of Islam.

      p.s. You are correct.. Both Turkey and Iran have Shia’a/Sunni/Christians/Jews/Zoroastrians/etc… So, Neither is just Sunni or just Shia’a.

      • Interesting, would you give us the list of those channels?

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hello Olivier,

          I can list all the channels, but you could also do your research and you will find them on google…. but here is a link to BBC documentary on these channels.. take it with a pinch of salt, as BBC is part of the Mass Media BS. (i am giving you the link as the channels are translated (subtitled) so you will get an understanding of what is being said.

          BBC Documentary on Hate channels on Youtube.

      • Would you provide us with a reference to that Qura’an quote?

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hi again Olivier,

          Yes, i can provide you with the Qura’an text in Arabic, but I will not.

          I am Muslim, and I read the Qura’an at least twice a year. However, for me, religion is a personal relationship with god, and i would like to keep it this way.

          I refuse to quote any religious book in my posts as religion is a personal thing. If you are interested, do the research and you will find out.

          However, here is an area for you to start, which will confirm the what I said above.

          Wiki page link for People of the book or scriptures


          • Thank you!

          • victor friese says:

            Hey, Arabi, do you know of any translations of the Quaran and Bible that are accurate? I never can get myself to read them for fear that I am reading some agenda driven mistranslation… (especially with the Bible given how long it is). I have asked people about this before but they all seem to have their own agendas… usually revolving around how great they are and how those who do not have material wealth are not with god… blah blah blah and so on, which is always odd to me given there is at least one verse in the bible totally antithetical to that.

            Anyway, if you know of any accurate translations, please let me know. There are so many BS’ers out there and you seem to avoid being one of them.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hello victor friese,

            I wish i can answer your question positively. Unfortunately, all the Qura’an’s and the translations are printed by people with money, i.e. Muslim Brotherhood or Wahabi countries. Therefore, i would not recommend you buy their translations (they find it hard to twist the Arabic version but they try, as people have the ones from 100’s years ago, but the translations are work of fiction sometimes)

            I have to also warn you about the “Hadeeth” (Words of The Prophet). If you add up all the ones out there, they will amount to 200 years of none stop talking, which history tells us Prophet Muhammed did not live that long, and leaves us with the conclusion that some “Hadeeth” is not genuine.

            Islam is a simple religion. to be a Muslim you just have to repeat the “Shehada” 3 times, and you are a Muslim. How good a Muslim you are is dependent on How much good you do in the world. There is nothing more to it. The Qura’an is nothing more than stories from the past to help you understand how to deal with life today, after making it valid for the time we live in.

  3. albatross0612 says:

    The issue of an independant Kurdistan alone is a prominent U.S. objective, a few former U.S./NATO Generals are invested in oil and business in the region.



  4. robert massey says:

    I appreciate the need to prevent circulation of illicit copies of your videos, but online viewing is terrible. In this video the animation is just a series of 1 or 2-second still shots, though the audio is correct. I’ve just installed the latest FlashPlayer24. Can you repair the animation problem? Everything I view on YouTube is OK, with smooth animation.
    Is there no way for subscribers to get a video copy?
    …Many Thanks for your good work.

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello Sibel… Great first “members” exclusive report. thank you..

    However, I need some clarifications from you.. please respond if you can.

    And for full disclosure, please answer the following question: Are you a member of the Muslim Brotherhood organization?? Do you have any ties to them ??

    Here is why i ask….

    The middle east/Muslim world struggle can be summarised as follows:

    In the eyes of the “powers that shouldn’t be”, the map looks like this:
    USA = CEO of the world.
    Israel = Regional Director for Middle East and Muslim world
    Muslim Brotherhood = Country Director/manager for individual area’s.

    In the eyes of Muslim Brotherhood, the map looks like this:
    Muslim Brotherhood is CEO of the world. (their main objective is to create a world wide caliphate system)
    the strategy is “the End justifies the Means”. So, they will say YES to anything, until they get “the power” and then everything changes. (which is exactly what Khomeini did in Iran in the 1970’s)

    Reality is, Muslim Brotherhood was a creation of MI6 around the year 1926. Al Banna was a Freemason (the brotherhood) and had strong ties to British intelligence, who were ruling Egypt at the time.

    Fethullah Gülen is version 2.0 of Muslim Brotherhood. The only difference is they follow CIA instead of MI6.

    Both of those organizations are Radical Islam, and Terrorist Islam, and they should be Judged for the crimes they have committed.

    eg. Both organizations do not accept others (Christians, Jews, other Muslims are all infidels according to them) – Both organizations engage in terror (look at Sinai Egypt, or North Syria today, or the killing of the Russian ambassador.

    The BIGGEST threat for the world is not ISIS or AlQada’a.. It is Muslim Brotherhood. Their member list around 1935 was 200,000. in 1950’s they were 2 million strong. I hate to think how big they are today!

    Their members hold key positions in many governments and critical infrastructure around the world, including part of the western world.

    Muslim Brotherhood strongest tool is “the End justifies the Means”, which translates to, they can lie, kill, steal, rape, etc if it gets them to the goal of Global Islamic Caliphate. and through lying, they can get “normal” Muslims to join up willingly and even support them with money!

    Now… Could you please have a report on the EVIL Muslim Brotherhood…. (in my eyes, they are the KKK of the Muslim world – Just like the KKK, they appear Christian, but they are NOT)

    • Your explanation doesn’t actually explain the question it pertains to explain. (the first), it’s a historical overview. What you seem to be saying is:
      – The MB is evil and has secret agendas
      – I’d like to see a report on the MB
      – For full disclosure please list all of Sibel’s MB affiliations

      Now is Sibel would be 33rd degree MB priestess, then presumably she would deny such affiliations, so you wouldn’t be able to draw any conclusions, am I correct?

      • Sam Bissonnette says:

        I would beg you not to cast any evil at Sibel! My opinion is that with Sibel Edmonds, you get PURE Sibel Edmonds! Her father taught her well! She has more guts and integrity than any 5 people I know put together! Maybe none of us are as smart as James Corbett, but Sibel’s “agenda” seems to be 1 thing and 1 thing only: the truth!
        I see your first question now. NATO is an alliance, but treats countries like vassal states. They are not there to protect you, although that is their claim. They are there to rob, rape and control you. Turkey is “getting out of control”, that is, not warring against Russia. They will try to subdue Erdogan. If that doesn’t work, you replace him, hence the coup.

        • I don’t get it, why are you asking for Sibel’s MB affiliations then?

          I misphrased my NATO question: I phrased it without distinguishing between
          1. The Pentagon, or Brussels, say. (part of NATO)
          2. Your average joe Turkish soldier. (also part of NATO)

          What would be an irrelevant claim to make is: “A Turkish soldier was part of the coup”. Of course they were. To then go on and conclude FROM THAT that NATO was involved is a logical fallacy, because you would then seem to claim that the Pentagon was involved. Now that latter conclusion follows from the NBC intervention and the source pointing to Campbell. It does not follow from the fact that the coup generals were in NATO brigade XYZ. Even if the Pentagon or Brussels was NOT involved, then still the coup generals would be in some NATO brigage just because Turkey is part of NATO, or is that a wrong view of the Turkish army?

          UNLESS this specific brigade is somehow connected differently to the Pentagon than the rest of the Turkish army, which presumably also consists of NATO brigades. So here’s my question rephrased:

          What’s so special about the brigade that supplied the coup generals being part of NATO? Is not every Turkish brigade a NATO brigade?

        • Ah sorry I’m conflating VoiceOfArabi with Sam Bissonnette. Read above with that in mind.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi Olivier,

        I am going to assume you are making fun of my post when you say the below. That does not help a conversation. Either do the research and hard work and grow up, or add these type of comments to YouTube, as that is the venue for piss taking.

        “Your explanation doesn’t actually explain the question it pertains to explain. (the first), it’s a historical overview. What you seem to be saying is:
        – The MB is evil and has secret agendas
        – I’d like to see a report on the MB
        – For full disclosure please list all of Sibel’s MB affiliations

        Now is Sibel would be 33rd degree MB priestess, then presumably she would deny such affiliations, so you wouldn’t be able to draw any conclusions, am I correct?”

        • No worries VoA, I don’t revel in taking a p*** at other people. I admit I made fun of your post, not with the intention of making the conversation more difficult but with the intention of making my point clear, namely that I don’t understand why you asked Sibel to list her MB affiliations.

          Would her answer make this post less or more trustworthy for you? The post doesn’t contain primary (i.e. eyewitness) information that you could go and trust or distrust. You can follow the references given to primary sources, and the rest is reason, the logic of which you can assess all by yourself, without knowing who came up with it. An MB operative can say that 1+1=2, and he/she would be right, and in fact in order to assess the message it wouldn’t help you in any way to know that the messenger was an MB leader.

          So I ask again: What can you (we) possibly gain from knowing Sibel’s SB’s connections?

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hi Olivier,

            Thanks for being the bigger person above.

            The reason I ask: The truth always comes out at the end. and I wanted Sibel to answer the question in order to get me some assurances. If sibel is not connected, then i have piece of mind. If she is, then I have something to hold against her.

            Truthfully, i don’t suspect that Sibel has any affiliation with MB, but the lack of criticism towards MB made me want to ask.

          • If I were to respond to all the ludicrous inquiries on whether I am working for the CIA, whether I am part of Mossad, whether I am MB, whether I am a Free Mason … I’d be doing that and nothing else. I ignore offensive inquiries like this. Won’t entertain people with a response.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hello Sibel,

            Please accept my apology. I did not mean to offend you, and if I did, I am really sorry.

            Over the last few months, i have been doing my research on Muslim Brotherhood, and the conclusion i came to is they are the most dangerous element the world will face pretty soon. The powers that shouldn’t be are pretty bad, but Muslim Brotherhood is the rabid dog of the Powers that shouldn’t be, and they are all over the world, including the USA, some of which holding critical positions (Four MB guys are ruling countries – Turkey, Qatar, Sudan and Tunisia)

            Once again.. I did not mean to offend.

  6. Sam Bissonnette says:

    Hi Voice of Arabia,
    I would say that there is no way that Shii’a follow the Sunnah, when they condemn most of the Sahabbah. Who else can you get the Sunnah from? Most of the tribes/groups from the Asian steppes that converted to “Islam”, did not do so because of One God; they did so because of the “holy men” they ran into. Well, guess what? There are NO “holy men” in Islam! None, zip, nada? And Turkey? They follow Mustafa Ataturk, not the Prophet. Whirling dervishes? It is ALL shirk!
    That 72 virgins stuff is BS, too. A real martyr, and according to the Prophet only Allah or His Messenger’s can dub someone that, get to fly around the face of Allah until Qiyamah.
    Had the Shii’a arose during Ali ibn Abu Talib’s life, he would have tried to destroy them, however the shii’a arose after and because Ali(and his 2 sons, Hassan and Hussien) was murdered. People forget, or don’t realize, that of all the so-called Kaliphah in history, ONLY 4 are called rightly guided, with Umr’s great grandson Umar ibn Abdul Azziz getting an honorable mention! Most of the “Sunni” “4 Imams” REFUSED to serve the Kaliphahs in their times!
    No problem with the gist of your history there, though (although the Brits created new sects in India).
    And yeppers on the “Muslim Brotherhood!” In the US, CAIR is Muslim Brotherhood. Most “Muslim” leaders today are just simply Psy-ops.
    @Olivier: all my links are on an older pc, but yes, Christians and Jews are considered people of the Book. Although claiming that 3 gods is one 1 god is as big a psy-op as you can get! When you hear “outrageous” stories about People of the Book being “forced” to pay “Jizziyah”, a special tax, it is supposed to less than Muslims pay! And Umar ibn al Khittab, 2nd Kaliph, once reprimanded a man for begging. The man told him that he was poor and trying to raise his jizziyah. Umr (Umar) apologized profusely to the man and directed his officials NOT to tax those that couldn’t afford it!
    There are not many links/stations that I would recommend, but 1 guy that i do, corrects his mistakes when he realizes that he made one, is Mufti Ismail ibn Musa Menk of Zimbabwe. This gentleman has the best manner about him! No hate or oppression flows from his tongue! OK, he gets his history wrong, but not his Islam!
    Is ISIS Islamic?
    Tafseer of Al Fatihah:
    Misconceptions about Islam:
    Reasons of Revelation:

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello Sam Bissonnette,

      I can see that you mean well, however, i think you are partly blinded by the Media that MB and Wahhabi’s and “Paid” Clerks from both Sunni and Shia’a sides that are tasked with creating the divide.

      I will be brief.. There is a “Fatwa” from the supreme leader of the Shia’a sect world wide, specifically forbidden (haram) insulting any figures of Islam including “Sahabah”

      I suggest you do more research to discover more about Islam, as I did, and you will discover that apart from superficial differences, Sunni and Shia’a are the same.

      The link for “fatwa” below

      Don’t believe everything you hear.. Do the research… You have the whole planet library in your hand “Google”, use it wisely.

      • Sam Bissonnette says:

        Hi VoA,

        I guess I should apologize for derailing this whole discussion, so, I’m sorry! I’ll try not to post on religious subjects. But to respond to your post, the fatwa does not address the sahabah, just wives of Prophets.
        the whole premise of Shii’ism is a direct insult to Abu Bakr As Saddeq (Aisha’s father, if anyone doesn’t know). Everyone knows that the Prophet loved Aisha more than anyone, save Kadijah.(which caused poor Aisha a whole lot of jealousy, May Allah be pleased with her!) When pushed as to who else the Prophet loved more than anyone else, only 1 sahabah got that blessing, Abu Bakr! Who did the prophet repeatedly insist lead prayer when he was dying? Abu Bakr, despite the fact that he didn’t want to. I suspect the sahabah weren’t to thrilled, as Abu Bakr was known to recite Al Baqarah during Fajr! Even Aisha tried to convince the Prophet that it wasn’t a good request as she knew her father was uncomfortable leading prayer (and maybe because he did like to recite Al Baqarah! For those that don’t know, Al Baqarah is THE longest surah in the Qur’an, close to 2 hours!!!) (lol! I can just hear everyone groan at “Aliph lam mim!”)
        Now, after Abu Bakr, it is up for grabs and there are plenty of reasons for folks to fear Umr as kalipha! Even he knew that he would have to tone down his quick temper. Maybe Ali before Uthman because Uthman was uncomfy speaking in public. He was a doer and a reciter, probably more generous to the Muslim cause than any other sahabah, as he was a super rich businessman. (not to mention the only man to marry 2 of the Prophet’s daughters!)
        And I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the seerah. It is one of my favorite subjects.
        Any “hyphen” is someone’s Islam is a red flag! There are no sects, none, zero that are authentic! That leaves out Shii’as, as well as Sufism. Some of the Shii’a’s Imams claim attributes of Allah, as well. (astargfirullah!)
        I NEVER diss Ali ibn abee Talib, but I can’t say the same about Mu’awwiyyah during the fitnah. But clearly, Abu Bakr was the number 1 sahabah. No human, other than the Prophets had as much taqwah as Abu Bakr, hence the kunyah, as sadeeq – the truthful one)
        linkypoo on Abu Bakr:
        like I said, I will try to refrain from posting on religious matters…
        I do apologize.

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hello Sam Bissonnette,

          I also enjoy talking history, but i agree it is unfair on others and the subject at hand 🙂 . I also agree that Islam (and any other religion) today has been hijacked many time over by powerful people in charge, for example Mu’awwiyyah.

          However, and I believe you have a lot of knowledge already, but when you do your research, look for at least 3 sources and read well. The link i sent you above which is from the horses mouth, so to speak includes ANY SYMBOLS celebrated by Sunni brethren, and that’s the Sahabah. below is quote from the Fatwa.

          “Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree wherein he prohibited insult towards Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and any of the figures and symbols celebrated by Sunni brethren”

  7. Hello,

    Is it possible that we could get a link directly to the video-files so we can watch it our own preferred ways without using the flash player?
    I understand that it might be easier to spread the video to those outside of the community, but to be honest… It’s quite easy to use a add-on to the browser and download the video anyways (though it takes a few minutes to allow it to stream completely before it can be downloaded).

    Thank you for a good report.

  8. candideschmyles says:

    I too have some difficulty with your questions and your assertions on the differing flavours of Islam. Personally I find it difficult to justify calling any variety of Islam a religion. As it was created by Muhammad as a political device it cannot be called a religion. The only parts of the Koran that were not cherry picked from Judaic and Christian texts are apologetics of Muhammad’s style of doing things and actually do justify all the worst aspects of the Salaphist/Wahabi ideology that forms the pseudo spiritual backbone of the terrorist brainwash. Thus the real Islam is that of the beheaders and rapists who wave their green or black flags. And to deny that is to deny what is written in the Koran and the context in which it should be understood by Muhammad’s instruction on abrogation within it. Islam is not, never was and never can be a religion of peace. Peace has been attained within Islamic domains in spite of it not because of it.

    As to how you could suspect Sibel of MiB (sic) membership from this or any other publication of hers escapes my comprehension. That said I would say that a biographical page including the religious and political affiliations of all news Newsbud contributors would be refreshing and welcome.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi candideschmyles,

      Thanks for your post, and I don’t suspect Sibel of being part of MB, as she is too smart for that. However, I just wanted to get assurance from her as all her video’s are critical of Fethullah Gülen, but I have not seen many critical of MB, and Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is MB high level leader (Turkey and Qatar are state supporters of MB world wide) – to add more clarification, Hamas is an MB subsidiary in Occupied Palestine.

      If you read the Old Testament (which should be rated R), you will see it is full of killing and pillaging. However, that is not Christianity. Christianity in essence is personal relationship with God. it can be summarised as “Do No Evil”.

      Muslim Qura’an is more or less the same.. (should be rated R). but the essence of Islam is “Do No Evil”.

      And as far as Islam being a copy of Christianity and Judaism, that’s actually true, and it says so in the Qura’an. for Muslims, Jesus, and Moses are full fledged Prophets that came before Muhammed preaching the same God. They are Holy men, just as Muhammed is.

      If you go to the Vatican library, you will find scripts from the Prophet Jesus discussing the expectation of another Prophet called “Ahmed”. (do the research and you will find it on the web)

      So, the question you will have right now is… How come what I read above is not what is general knowledge out there…

      Because organizations with money, Media and political power like MB and Wahhabi’s don’t want the real version of Islam above, as it does not allow for power capture. They need to rally the troops to kill Christians, or Jews, or women, or whatever will get them power.

      The enemy is not Islam (a personal relationship with God). The enemy is organized religion driven by blood thirsty madmen like MB or Wahhabi’s or the Mullahs in Iran.

      if you want to learn more about this.. Google Sufi Islam which is the least twisted version of Islam out there.

      • candideschmyles says:

        Thank you for your reply and for clarification on your question regarding MB.

        As someone fortunate enough to have been brought up in an atheistic and apolitical home environment I escaped the cultural infections of the mind known as religions and ideologies. That is not to say they were absent, indeed they were discussed at length and often. But they were discussed as would the beliefs of Maoris of New Zealand or Inuit of Greenland. I ask you would you give them the same objective importance as you do Islam? I doubt it. Yet they are all the same thing in their fundamental root, an attempt from ignorance to make sense of the unfathomable nature of existential reality.
        As for Sufism it is my opinion that it owes more to Zoroastrianism in its mysticism than Islam and may well have been an effort by Zoroastrian practicers to maintain the important elements of their belief structure by adopting the language of Islam in a place and time where it was a death sentence not to. So while I recognise it’s passive approach is far more tolerable than the mainstream it is still an iron age nonsense.

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hello candideschmyles,

          I understand your point of view, and although i don’t agree with it, i will always defend your right to speak your mind.

          Religions in general are a fairy tale if your really look at it critically. However, if it is a personal relationship with god , i.e. you don’t shove it down peoples throat or you don’t use it to judge others, then it is harmless, and no difference to any other fantasy that people have, for example, “heritage”

          I however think Atheism is much worse than any religion out there, as it is a group of people who will judge and criticize people for having a religion, when they themselves worship two gods instead of one… Science and the State!

          • candideschmyles says:

            Likewise I would defend your right to your superstitions even if I do find them illogical.
            It is unfortunate you don’t actually understand that atheism is an absence of belief, nothing more. I do value the scientific method as the best device we have for gaining an insight into the complexities of the physical universe but it is no God. In my lifetime I have seen more theories fall than stand so it is no place for someone who draws comfort from dogma. And as for stateism you have the wrong guy. I am a citizen of Earth in my heart and with every breath.

    • Sam Bissonnette says:

      I would respectfully have to disagree with all of your points on the origin of Islam and the Qur’an. You are quoting talking points from Orientalists and racists.
      Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn abdul Muttalib was considered one of the most honest and trustworthy men in Mecca. That is, until revelation began. Islam centers on the fact that there is only 1 God. God is not begotten, nor does he beget. Christianity became Hellenized, thus paganized. The Qur’an sets the record straight. Islam is foretold in Genesis, Christianity is not. My favorite Jewish translations come from Mesorah Publishing out of New York. Both the Stone Chumash (my favorite Pentateuch) and their ArtScroll Series Bereishish Vol 1, confirm this.
      As to your views on “what is written in the Koran and the context in which it should be understood”…Why yes, that would be most appropriate! I imagine the your “sources” aren’t quite… kosher, so to speak. Have you ever directly studied the matter? I’ll disclose that I was raised Irish Roman Catholic, but now consider Catholicism about as close to devil worship as you can get! And, now, I am a Muslim. Jesus did not preach a new religion, but could be viewed in light of the Pharisaic school of Hillel, in that you should not get lost in the fine print, but “treat others as you would be treated” school. An equivalent in Islam would be “don’t oppress anyone”. Thus, where you see oppression, you’re not seeing Islam, just Muslims…
      Now, as to your comments about the state of Muslim domains (there are no Islamic domains), well, I would agree that it is pretty sad.

      • candideschmyles says:

        With equal respect I would like to tell you that unlike most Muslims I have actually read the Koran in full as a scholarly pursuit. As you are currently calling yourself a Muslim it is a convenience for you to conflate my opinions with orientalism or a racist attitude. From my side it is ironic to hear you have abandoned Constantine’s baby when my own scholarly endeavours leave me in little doubt that Muhammad saw Constantine as the man to imitate.

        • Sam Bissonnette says:

          lol! i enjoy a laugh, first thing in the morning! so, thank you for that!
          but i would say, please don’t dump “child molesters -R-Us” on poor old Constantine! you can blame the Eastern Orthodox Church on him, but not Roman Catholicism. that is not a very “scholarly” opinion. i don’t, and have never claimed be be a scholar or even scholarly. i leave that to others. i’m just a cook from new hampshire.
          imagine Constantine’s horror, when he called the council of Nicaea. he had the perfect instrument for controlling the populations in large cities, in that local Popes were given the right to distribute food to the poor and not the local governors. i use the term Pope, as that is what they were called, with the Popes of Alexandria and Antioch being the most prominent. The “Pope” in Rome, however, was NOT historically called a pope, just the Bishop of Rome. in fact, had he been considered “THE Pope”, there would have been no need for the council! all would have just asked him for a ruling, dig?
          back to Constantine: all he had to do was settle a few theological questions and bingo bango, the masses are under control. but…all he heard was argument after argument! while Pope Alexander of Alexandria won the day, spearheaded by Athanasius, Constantine preferred the Arian position as his mentor, Eusebius, was of the mind. Catholics will tell you that the problem was solved and put a period on the council.
          however, and again, not being very scholarly, all i can do is report history. so, i’ll ask the question, was the issue settled? i think not! why would i think that? well, how many times was Athanasius exiled after Nicaea? what, you say? yeppers! the “father of orthodoxy” was exiled 5 times for being…if you guessed unorthodox, you’d be a winner! (although my count is 7 times, but hey, i’m not a scholar!) there was back and forth on issues or orthodoxy until the wack job, Theodosius, became Emperor.
          meanwhile, back in the jungle..ooops, sorry, in the Italian peninsula, what was the “primacy of Rome” if you guessed none, zip, nada you’d be correct! that’s right, the Bishop of Milan held power as that was the seat of the Western Empire! by the way, the Bishop of Rome wasn’t even at Nicaea! how’s that for primacy!!!
          but again, that is just history, not “scholarship! 😉
          what you’ll find, if you look at history and not “scholars”, is that poor old pagans in Rome were left out of everything! it was THEY who concocted the primacy of Rome and found their stooges to be “Pope.” much better to be a king maker instead of king!
          but like i said, that is just history.
          recommended reading:
          Jesus Wars
          A.D. 381
          the preceding does not reflect the view of Newsbud, any of it’s employees or so-called-scholars! just that of a cook from new hsmpshire. 🙂

          • candideschmyles says:

            I am happy to have you laughing in the morning. It’s the best way to start any day

            History is history indeed. And there is no doubt Muhammad knew it too.

  9. karen edmondson says:

    Turkish people have a deep patriotism that is like no other. It’s what brought them together to fight for independence under Attaturk. The West cannot and does not understand this but does try to change it through cultural ‘invasion’. Erdoğan knows this…after all, he was a US/CIA puppet but has gone renegade…and is trying to turn back the clock to reclaim the Ottoman days. His vision of Turkey however is not reflective of the many Turkish people who are supportive of a secular government. This is the social rift that the US/CIA/NATO is driving into and Erdoğan’s ego is the perfect tool to ensure his reactions will deepen civil tensions. The military is divided…the government is divided …and the people are divided.
    It’s time for the Turkish people to band together, unite as patriots, and, together, fight the real enemy …Western imperialism.
    Hopefully Putin is advising ….hopefully Erdoğan is listening.

    • kate gibbens says:

      I fear Putin is the new face on the same forces that drove Western Imperialism. The game has always been international, as are the engineers. Just as the left-wing and right-wing parties hold up the same corrupt system in a given country, so do the western and more eastern sides of the manufactured cold war hold up the same globalist smart project. Bound up in binary…

      • candideschmyles says:

        I agree. In recent months many of we searchers for deeper truths have been lulled into seeing Putin in a much rosier hue than he deserves. He wanted to sit at the same table as an equal to the Western elite and was rejected. But he continues to play their game, albeit with his rules.

      • karen edmondson says:

        So far I have yet to hear anything from Putin that suggests that the West has anything to be concerned about. Russian culture is very different to Western culture. The moves that Putin has made so far against Western imperialism do not seem to suggest anything more than what one would expect from a sovereign nation defending its economy and the people. My opinion anyway.

        • kate gibbens says:

          The ex-KGB officer would seem impeccable in the spotlight of the world stage, an able diplomat negotiating Syrian peace, an able businessman coordinating BRICS and Turkstream pipelines and a phlegmatic and highly strategic adversary confronted with a despotic, degenerate and degenerating Western Imperialist Moloch.
          What intrigues me is what’s been happening in the shadowy wings… Aside from the fact that both Christophe de Margerie and the entire Polish government perished on Russian soil there is also the tragic fate of some pesky Russian journalists investigating the false flag incident known as the Russian apartment bombings.
          Having publically corroborated the Osama bin Laden 9/11 myth, held a decidedly pro United Nations stance, his friendship with Kissinger, his billionnaire zionist bedfellows, BRICS connections with IMF (Executive board member Paulo Batista)…
          No, as charismatic as he may be, the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend… and may actually be controlled opposition in a plan that supercedes and benefits from any feigned East/West antagonism.

  10. Stephen Dukich says:

    Thank you very much Sibel for your wonderful analysis. I am so happy that I subscribed! I’m sorry, but I am a little put off by some reader’s comments concerning Russia’s motives. It goes without saying that every country has the right, and should put it’s national interest first. Stronger nations still have to cultivate the alliances of weaker nations, because intelligent leaders realize that coalitions may offer better chances of securing your specific interests. Weaker nations are attracted to the possibility of a protective umbrella during difficult situations.

    I survey the actors on the Eurasian chessboard and this is what it seems like to me. The key element required is respect. Both the stronger and weaker actors in any coalition need to have a relationship with with a crucial amount of trust between the parties to prevent things from falling apart. “Together we stand, Divided we fall”…seems to be the idea. Russia, with the help of key neighbors is trying to move forward in a unified front. This is the only way to resist the Empire. which is now going to go all the way to maintain it’s control. We truly live in interesting times. Steve.

    • victor friese says:

      Um, Dukich, respect=blackmail… of various types.

      Um also, for you arguing types up there. Have you defined god? Cus until you do you are likely not even arguing over the same thing. A belief in god can come from a so call atheistic perspective as well. For one entity to interact with another they must both exist within the same reality, a reality which sets the rules of the interaction, and that reality, or whatever created it, is obviously god. So, if you wrote this up as some formula, it would be scientific proof of god. Proof, for an athiest, by the earlier definition of atheism y’all gave, might as well be belief. Therefore to be an atheist, with any understanding at all, you must accept the existence (belief), in god.

      From that point forward it is all a matter of what role you want that god to have in your views. Perhaps it is not the belief in god that is illogical, but the creation of a personality for that god that is potentially illogical.

      The more I see of this earth, and who is favored within this system, the more impossible for me it become for me to say god is anything other than the greatest evil of all… an evil which must be deposed by our hopes and dream of that “order” we all seek.

      I wonder why people keep trying to paint god in such a kind light.

      Also, all religions are political devices in the end, as they are philosophical devices. It is just that some people hold their philosophy for their own personal psychological needs, and others hold their philosophy as a tool to get them what they want. Both have the power to influence politics, one is just more purposely directing itself toward this effect. But if people believe in it, it is a religion.

      It is funny, when you think about it the only thing that allow a religion to differ from an analyses, is the insistence on maintaining the original structure of belief in spite of the supposed goal of knowing god and being in line with ones own version of right. I wonder why…. I mean, one must have their principals and viewpoint on how things should be, but it seems to me that they get caught up on all the old ritual petty particulars and forget about the overall message (just look up “the old believers”). Why is that? It seems to lead them from the core message of their beliefs.

    • victor friese says:

      Perhaps knowing god should be seen as a process, and not as something one can gain from listening to someone’s yapping or by the reading of some book.

  11. victor friese says:

    Also, how big is this video? I am stuck on 2g for now, but can it be downloaded and how many megs is it? Even my 4g is not stable.

  12. Sam Bissonnette says:

    I reckon this will be subject to “moderation” anyway, so that’s OK.
    i really, really, really regret bring up the whole religion thing, so i beg 1 last post on the subject.
    how about a few ground rules?
    1) NEVER (X100) dis a Jew because he or she is a Jew, or Jewish people. it’s my biggest pet peeve. some folks just don’t want to get tossed into an oven. i’m cool with that. don’t confuse Jews with zionists.
    2) it’s OK to diss Muslims if/when they do something barbaric, providing it was really a Muslim that dd it and not a false flag.
    3) don’t diss anyone, other than zionists (or the bad apple Muslim)
    4) leave the LGBT folks alone. not that anyone has, but…. Muslims tend to (diss the crap out them, if you want!)
    5) quit giving “opinions” on Qur’an and Muhammad. we supposed to be against fake news! someone asked about translation of the Qur’an, born Arabic speakers rarely translate it. most translations are based on Marmaduke Picthall anyway. i only recommend 1, because it was done by a team that really worked hard on making it understandable. some born Arabic speakers were involved, so a word or 2 may confuse you. this one, the hardback.
    VoA mentioned hadeeth. some will tell you there are 800,000 hadeeth (i’m not joking). doesn’t take a genius to figure out that might be problematic! if interested look up An Nawawii’s 40 hadeeth. bear in mind that context will be missing. still interested, check 40 or 100 hadeeth qudsi. unlesss you are interested in becoming a Muslim, those will do. folks will tell you that every single hadeeth in Muslim and Bukari are 100% correct. take that with a grain of salt.
    there are plenty of online Qur’ans, so you can look them up. here’s the problem with “single author” translations, it is just 1 persons opinion of what they “think” the Qur’an means. that is why i only recommend the 1. (Saheeh Internation would get 2nd choice. stay away from Yusuf Ali, unless you like Shakespeare. it is Qur’an “as literature”. the KJV of the Qur’an so to speak.
    6) Catholicism should be be fair game. Popes, too. be careful about Catholics, though. 2000 years (OK, 1600) of brainwashing is understandable

    that’s it. i don’t think missed anything.

    ‘cept this: my favorite post on religion is is the story of Hillel and Shimmei, though i edited it:

    On the “Golden Rule”

    Once there was a gentile who came before Shammai, and said to him: “Convert me on the condition that you teach me the whole Torah while (standing) on one foot. Shammai pushed him aside with the measuring stick he was holding. The same fellow came before Hillel, and Hillel converted him, (lifting one foot) saying: That which is despicable to you, do not do to your fellow, this is the whole Torah, and the rest is commentary, go and learn it.” – Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 31a


    and, again, i do apologize for opening the whole can of worms. as a Muslim, we have to defend Muhammad and the Qur’an (even from Muslims).
    peace! 🙂

  13. karen edmondson says:

    A question for Sibel please….I am wondering why the map of Turkey, used early in the video, shows ‘Kurdistan’ in the south eastern corner of Turkey and northern borders of Iraq and Iran? Marking the map with ‘Kurdistan’ implies a State exists, which it does not. The creation of a Kurdish State is a known agenda of the US, Israel and thus NATO. Further to this, interestingly, the Kurdish controlled corridor that extends along most of the the southern border of Turkey and northern Syria is not shown as Kurdish territory…which would perhaps be a more accurate reflection of the geopolitical situation at present.

    • Sam Bissonnette says:

      hi Karen,

      i DO know i’m not Sibel…
      the map portrays it as a geographical are and not a political border. the political borders are clearly defined and the region called kurdistan is clearly not marked as such.
      i hope that helps.
      Sorry, Sibel. just trying to save some coffee. 🙂

      • Sam Bissonnette says:

        oops, the map clearly portrays it as a geographical area and not a political border.

        • karen edmondson says:

          Hi Sam and thank you for that information. I appreciate your input. 🙂 However, it does leave me with the question of how the area can be defined as a geographical region and not a political one. Having said that I do pose that as more a rhetorical question than one to engage in debate about Kurdish matters and take the above discussions off on a tangent.

          • Sam Bissonnette says:

            Hi Karen,

            just to try to help you understand, whilst admitting i don’t have all of the answers. Pretty much only Westerners have forgotten their “tribal roots.” Vast portions of the world are still tribal. Westerners defined most of Middle East boundaries today. States and Nations are methods of controlling people, but even within those you still have tribal areas. The poor Kurds, however, are caught between 3 different “nations.” Yet, they still live “tribal-ly.”

            The Teaching Company has a few series that help explain these regions. I love Professor Harl, despite him thinking what he has learned about Islam, in Turkey, is correct. I don’t begrudge him that because his lectures cover stuff i really like and his series on the Vikings was really eye-opening and he managed to put so many things in context. Professor Gearon’s course was cool, because he has spent a great deal of time in the Middle East/Africa and he was extremely deft at not offending anyone.

            recommended viewing:
            The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes

            Turning Points in Middle Eastern History

  14. Ralph Davis says:

    The bulk of discussion has little relevance to the purpose of this video, and that’s both too bad and completely avoidable. I like philosophical and religion discussion when it doesn’t impose on others in a setting having very much other specific intent.

    Just look at how Sibel was drawn into having to respond defensively rather than engaged by notable insight. Running such a website must risk injury from frequently frustrated head-banging at the sheer amount of willfully indulgent expressive irrelevance of self absorbed respondents with little to no sense of responsibility to TOPIC or wasting the time of others sifting through drivel for pertinence.

    I’m quite confident that no one at this point will even read this deep, given the above, so I can say pretty much whatever I want. So, it’s just that Gladio B is now Gladio USA and we here in this degenerate cacophony had better wake the fuck up to that real fact real soon.

    Oh, and god help us.

    • karen edmondson says:

      Ralph…I am interested…perhaps you would care to expand further on your comment re …”Gladio B is now Gladio USA”? I might guess to what you allude, but would prefer to read your own thoughts and opinion.

      • Ralph Davis says:

        Just goes to show how wrong I can be in assessing the depths to which people will actually go, eh karen? But little did I know just how depraved indifference to human decency actually manifests despite the relentless social conditioning of a lifetime to erode such consciousness.

        But, no joke, and as you may already guess I allude to the spiderweb infrastructure of covert, saturating operator mass awaiting their next and often murderous engagement of synthetic terror, abduction and/or assassination right here in the land of the next color revolution.

        Details of which are presented with full citations by the good ‘George Webb’, his project ID, as he weaves an open-source exploration of our geo-political underworld along with its principal psychopathic players.

        Sibel is no-doubt familiar, George lives in Oregon, and the veracity of his case is no stretch.
        This is must understand stuff, it begins here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCTzFNrsKns
        and is current here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPdPI3KSqbA

        What lies in-between is absolutely essential if we’re to entertain any conceivable prospect of intervention on any level.

      • Ralph Davis says:

        Apologies, karen. I attempted a detailed reply nearly 10 hours ago but, strangely, was censored as per the stated reason below from ‘admin’ when i inquired as to why my reply had not posted..

        I was forwarding two links which, judging from other posts here, is not too many posted links,
        but my message is still being shown as ‘awaiting moderation’.

        I replied and asked for an explanation and haven’t as yet had a reply. Now I’m wondering if someone has an issue with George Webb, the links were to his Day #53 and Day #100 episodes as start and current available videos.

        His work is open sourced with citations for everything. It’s extremely disturbing information and equally important for anyone interested in the truth about what we’re up against.

        I hope ‘they’ allow this post. This isn’t what I signed up for nor for what I contributed as support. Very weird and disappointing, ..but is what it is, eh?



        Too many links.

        Newsbud Admin

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        From: Ralph Davis [mailto:
        Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 2:31 PM
        To: contact@newsbud.com
        Subject: comment moderation

        Message body:

        Just wondering why a comment posted on Turkey Terror Spike over 6 hrs ago isn’t yet shown in normal discussion mode still pending approval.

        Curious why it was flagged in the first place. Not exactly conducive to timely discussion, eh?

        Please advise, and thanks.


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  15. Thanks for the insight and broad analysis Sibel, it’s always refreshing to view events as part of a wider geopolitical context while linking those events to previous events and foreseeing similar events in the near future … in other words connecting the dots … the right way.

    Having said that I think – in order to join even more dots and complete the picture – we need to include the roles of Isreal and to a lesser extent Jordan as part of what is happening in Turkey and Syria as well.
    I wonder what are your thoughts on that?
    What are their respective roles within the Gladio B hypothesis?


  16. Mark Ribbit says:

    Others have mentioned this and I will add to the chorus.

    There is a really weird irony at play here.
    Of all the videos available at this site, this is the only one that
    has serious buffering/hiccuping/delay issues for me.

    The irony of course is that as a paying member I am not able
    to have usable access to it, as I do all the other videos.

    Is there some way to rectify this problem?
    It’s not a hardware issue on my part as all the other videos
    stream just fine.

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