The Four-War Problem: The Trump Administration Tips Its Hand in Asia

Secretary of Defense James Mattis made an inaugural swing through Asia to reassure allies and inform the world about the intentions of the Trump administration—and offer some clarity to anxious America-watchers in Beijing.  This week China Watch looks at major East Asian flashpoints—the South China Sea, East China Sea, North Korea--and the big cloud on the horizon: the coming confrontation with Iran.

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Show Notes

Steve Bannon ‘we’re going to war in the South China Sea…no doubt

Mattis says no need for dramatic U.S. military moves in the South China Sea

Rex Tillerson Moves Up Date for China War!

Ex-US envoy plotting Duterte fall - source

US would side with Japan in clash over Diaoyus, says Pentagon chief

The Dance of the Five Powers on the Korean Peninsula

Clinton’s plan on North Korea: Tougher sanctions, pressure on China

Hand delivered letter to President-elect Trump, the need to revise Iran policy

Can President-Elect Trump “Dismantle” the JCPOA?—It’s Complicated

Treasury Sanctions Supporters of Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

The Hidden Message for China in Trump’s Iran Sanctions

2015 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics

Hate Is As American As Apple Pie: So Is Trump

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello Peter Lee,

    I love your work, you are doing an excellent job.. thank you….

    one suggestion.. ditch the suite and replace it with a Hawaiian shirt or the equivalence from the far east culture.

    Sibel, You are very good at choosing reporters….

    • victor friese says:

      I need to ask this somewhere where it may gain a reply:

      A long while back Spiro was supposed to go on a trip to Greece and do a story about how the news was lying. What happened with that? Did he ever make the story?

  2. The deal Turnbull made with Obama: “You take some of our refugees, and we’ll take some of yours.” I think Australia’s tiny contingent (reportedly approx 1200) of refugees will only get as far as Costa Rica.

    Australia’s current policy on ‘illegal’ refugee seekers who arrive by leaky Indonesian fishing boat, is to deny them access to Australian soil, they are processed at sea then taken to the island of Nauru. The rationale being the refugees just need to be de-incentivized. ie. will no longer have the potential of Australia as a destination and so they will just stop coming. It is said this is a compassionate act, as people have been lost at sea attempting the journey.

    Successive governments have refused to fully investigate many many claims of the physical and mental abuse of being stuck in a (private contractor-run) camp, awaitng their fate. Which is just the tonic for people traumatized by violence and a perilous sea voyage only to survive long enough to be locked up. Crime: not wanting to die.

    Australia gets relatively few ‘boat people’, but the media and govt hysteria suggests we are in peril of being overrun. The majority of ‘illegals’ are those who have overstayed their visas and have arrived through the airports. I suppose biometric IDs will soon take care of them.

    In the 1920s the ‘threat’ was the Italians, in the 1950s it was the Greeks, in the 1960s it was the Poms (Brits), in the 1970s it was the Vietnamese, in the 1980/90s it was the Japanese (buying real estate), and today it’s the Muslims who won’t let us put up a Christmas Tree.

    This human shell-game is played in a vacuum divorced from Australia’s part in the conditions that forced these ‘illegals’ to flee their homes. Correction: the topic is raised long enough to blame Assad and Russia, who for reasons unexplained, are targeting civilians. Clearly, battling state-sponsored ISIS is just too easy for them.

    People are hard and easy at the same time.

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