Trump’s Iran War

Donald Trump's advisor Michael Flynn has put Iran “on notice” over the test firing of a ballistic missile, thus signaling the administration's desire to confront Iran and make it the focus of the war on terror. On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at the principles behind Trump's foreign policy in the Middle East and their links to Islamophobic organizations and sympathies with Israel's Likud government. The confrontation between the Trump administration and Iran is supported by a number of top Republicans who are pushing for more sanctions.

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Show Notes

Iran 'launches two new ballistic missiles'

US slaps new sanctions on Iran over missile test

The White House is weighing designating Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards a terror group

Neocons Urge War on Iran

Trump Administration Begins Threat Inflation on Iran

Flynn Has It In For Iran

Security adviser pick Flynn a critic of Muslim militancy, culture

Jerusalem said to welcome Trump’s ‘pro-Israel’ security picks

The Coming War on ‘Radical Islam’

Trump’s coming war against Islam

Neocons Seek Islamic 'Reformation'

Steve Bannon's Islamophobic film script just one example of anti-Muslim views

Is Donald Trump preparing to go to war with Iran? It's more likely than you think

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  1. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello Kurt,

    I am a Muslim, and I too want to eradicate radical Islamist terrorism. Which is exactly the same words Pres. Trump used….

    I don’t know enough about Mr. Bannon or Mr. Flynn (who is irrelevant now!), but Mr. Trump is not attacking Islam. (and I don’t care much for Mr. Trump… he is a sack of s**t.)

    But, you sir, is engaged in misinformation and in igniting a divide and conquer strategy, not befitting of Newsbud.. Please reconsider and correct your statements.

    • VoiceofAraby: you need to know that “radical Islam” is a creation of the West. Almost completely. Eliminate the CIA, NATO, the US military-industrial complex, the bogus “war on terror,” as well as the unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security, and you will achieve your goal. The only threat to world peace is the US/Israeli empire.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello James,

        Thanks for your reply, and I agree with you totally… They are a creation of CIA/MI6/etc etc… They have nothing to do with Islam, and as i watch their suicide videos as they speak in arabic, you can tell that they are high or drugs (one of which called Captagon), which is a “big” forbidden thing in Islam which confirms that ISIS and radical Islamist have nothing to do with real Islam.

        By the way.. Just search for Captagon and ISIS and you will be amused. Also, try to trace where all those Captagons come from, and you will have a clear indication of whose behind radical islam.

  2. Sam Bissonnette says:


    You don’t live in the states. The neocons ARE trying to portray ALL Muslims as radical Muslims and a VERY LARGE portion of Americans think the issue IS Islam. In increasing numbers, Americans want Islam eliminated. Trump may say one thing, but you have to look at who is advising him and who they represent. Kurt’s video is spot on.

    Americans have been brainwashed since before the revolution. Case in point, John Adam’s terrorist group called themselves the Sons of Liberty, but if you disagreed with them or were even neutral, they would tar and feather you and destroy your property. The US was never a utopia, just look at what was done to indigenous folks and Africans. Later Chinese and Irish also got the short end of the stick.

    There’s an interesting quote by slave-owning Tom Jefferson:
    “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day. I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens, who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in the world.”

    Our mass media has been a propaganda machine from the beginning. Walk into our living rooms. They look like temples set up to worship the television. And it has been that way since the ’60s. The US is one gigantic MK-Ultra/Cointelpro operation. Ask folks to disconnect their cable or satellite dish and they will gasp in horror at the thought.

    I’ve never been accused of being an optimist, but I think we are already toast. Had a republican been elected in 2008, folks would have protested every step of the way. Put a congenial, smooth speaking democrat in though and the deep state finished taking over the minds of most Americans.

    lol! My own family doesn’t even speak to me. They have no desire to hear the truth about anything. After the protest over VietNam, the deep state wanted to make sure that something like that would never happen again. Read Sibel’s book! She became the most gagged person in our history? Why? she was trying to be patriotic and do the right thing. That is not welcome in this country. I use cointelpro, because if you do start a group, for any good reason, it will be infiltrated!!

    Bernays has succeeded. This country stands for nothing, except what it is told to stand for. The cold war was ended so that Muslims would replace communists as the new enemy. Folks that get banned from entry or deported will be the lucky ones. Americans are well past the zombie state. In fact they revel in it. The walking dead is one of the most popular shows here.

    All of our media is “the 2 minute hate.”

    I’m so glad I’m dying! I’d hate to see what happens when the sh*t finally hits the fan.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello Sam Bissonnett,

      I agree with almost everything you said above, and I too believe the United States of America is great concept on paper, however, it has been hijacked by a ruthless group of criminals that are in for themselves. It is a game of power and money.

      That said, the powers that shouldn’t be want the”cattle” to believe the fight is about Islam vs Christianity, and in reality it is not…. it is a game of politics and power.. Kurt Nimmo seems unwittingly spreading misinformation that it is all about religion.

      What we need is someone to explain “why” is the neocons using religion to start the new war, just as they used communism for the cold war.

      That said… I still want to eradicate radical Islamist terrorism, who are paid for by the Powers that shouldn’t be. Kurt and others should report on that. On the fact that all radical Islamist terrorist are trained and assisted by organisations like Blackwater.

      • Sam Bissonnette says:

        Like I said, you may want to read Sibel’s book. Or read about the original Gladio. The west brought the Nazi’s to power, but remember, Hitler learned his eugenics from the US! The US doesn’t “appear” to be Nazi, but it is! Gladio originated with “stay behind” forces after WWII. However, Alan Dulles had arranged to scoop of all of his favorite Nazis. Almost the entire spy organization was recruited under Gehlen. We also took their scientists, the ones that Russia didn’t nab. The scientists were engineers and doctors, esp those working in chemical warfare.
        Back to Dulles, he worked for Sullivan and Cromwell. They held the investment folios for the richest people on the planet, bankers, war merchants and mafia. Our OSS/CIA was always about protecting their interests, not the US’s!!! They funded Hitler and he was doing their stuff! All this continued after the war. The CIA/MI6 and DIA used all of their resources to control the European countries. The Soviet Union was the boogey man (and really was a boogey man). Richard Cotrell calls it a strategy of tension. How do you get all the countries to have big police states that you do your best to control? The stay behind forces and former Nazi spies infiltrate and genuine communists, whether Soviet affiliated or not. Every election time, a terrorist action here or there, gets the folks to give up their rights and vote for “protection” by the government. But it was the secret forces either doing/encouraging or letting the terrorist actions happen. The USSR’s very existence makes it possible because “all roads will lead to them.” That is why the media was bought. They sell whatever propaganda that you need. Anyone bucks the system and you just kill them, blaming the “reds.” China is a problem though. No one wants a land war there (‘cept the Japanese in their Imperial days). The West, US/EU/NATO, all controlled by Wall Street/London City want Russia to do the dirty work. No one wants a war with Russia, they are going to try to pressure Russia into joining NATO. These folks think long term, though. The UN created Israel knowing quite well it would piss of the Arabs/Turks/Persians, ie, Muslims. They have always been the next needed boogey man. That is why Gladio switched to Gladio B. Russia is a side show, it is all about stealing resources from the ME/Africa and Central Asia.

        Unfortunately, radical Muslims are created in the west and used to poison other Muslims. You should actually think CIA/DIA/MI5/MI6/Mossad and those “stay behind” forces when you hear “radical” Muslim. the CIA, DIA, MI5/MI6 don’t always see eye to eye, so they all have schemes going to brainwash folks, serious stuff, too. MK-Ultra and Tavistock. Whatever bonafide radicals that are out there, they have been infiltrated too, a kind of cointelpro. Most terrorists activities are steered, at the least, or actually done by “the West” and blamed on Muslims.

        Folks that don’t live here, might see a clearer picture, but Americans buy this sh*t hook, line and sinker. The media, schools and peer pressure keep it up. We’ve been analyzed psychologically and the powers that be control what people think. Most Muslims are blind here, too. They have a few allies, but that was prepared for, too. The LGBTQ will be the downfall of the Muslims here. For folks from countries where sharia is, this will literally make them sick! I speak from experience! Even if some can maintain a facade in public, it disappears inside the Masjid. Some might be able to tolerate gay, but they loose it a transgender.

        “Wall Street” needs the boogey man because it makes them money and keeps their control on populations. The population here, eats it up. Obama turned out to be the key. Half the “left” are the controlled opposition and the other half fell to Alex Jones and Trump. Christian Zionism is the biggest culprit. Because a lot of Christians think Israel needs to “be there” cognitive dissonance will blind them to Mossad’s work. They “can’t ” be the bad guys. Therefore, it must be the Muslims.

        Every aspect of religion has been used, so it actually is quite a bit about religion. That “controlled opposition” is full of good folk. they are just being controlled, though. All of the alternatives are controlled. Get someone started on the right path and the next thing you know, they have alien blood or say there a lizard people running the world.

        There is very little original thought or critical thinking. I’ve lost all patience with it. People want to “go out” or be entertained. Shopping is a hobby here. People work a lot, with very little vacation time. When they are not working, they don’t want any bullsh*t. They had enough at work. If you try to tell them the truth about anything, all they hear is “bullsh*t.”

        It is sad. No one (very few) thinks the government, or even doctors, would hurt them. Yet, they are killing them. In every way, too. The food, air, medicine and water are all poisoned. It is like living in the “Twilight Zone.” Even the weather! California should be dried up from drought, but the WSAC system makes all of our storms now.

        Sometimes you can get folks to understand a few bad things, but, the totality is just too much for them.

        So when you see the clowns on TV, folks are effected by it. I bet you can get 50% of the population to say the UN is evil. But they support Israel 100%. Where did Israel come from? The UN. It was a perfectly laid trap. Catholicism and most Protestantism is all about Christian Zionism. It isn’t the same thing as Zionism. They literally think that Israel needs to be there so Jesus can come back. Even when folks don’t practice religion, that is the one thing they “think” that they “know.”

        It might not be “about” religion, but it is definitely used in the process. Muslims are too blind to see this. Their Achilles Heal is the LGBTQ issue. Well, and Israel. To most Muslims, those ARE religious issue.

        Catch 22! 😉

        • VoiceOfArabi says:

          Hello again Sam Bissonnett,

          Like i stated above, i agree with most of what you write, however, where we have different point of view is in the following:

          All religions have been hijacked in the past by the powers of the time and altered to suit the ruling elite of the time. That includes Islam, Christianity and any other religion you care to mention.

          To give you an example. The Sharia’a Law was written by Muslim scholars about a 1000 years ago, using the Qura’an, the Hadeeths (prophets sayings) and the social norms of the time .

          Now, keep in mind that Hadeeths were never committed to paper until 200 years after the prophets death, and the fact that the volume of the hadeeths means the prophet lived for over 200 years while continuously “saying” stuff to people. The combination of the two tells you that it is not a reliable source. Therefore, the Shria’a law is built on unreliable source, therefore it is faulty!.

          The point i want to make is. Islam as viewed by the average person is skewed and manipulated to serve the people in power, and it looks pretty ugly as it stands today. But it is not true Islam, and there are many scholars who are trying to bring this fact to the general public, but they are oppressed by the stooges that the western powers put in place.

          So, LGBTQ is not a real issue for real Islam (no different than drinking alcohol or sleeping around – both are forbidden, but a lot of Muslims engage in them). Islam is a relationship between a person and god, so what other people do is their relation with their own god. This text is clear in the Qura’an, where it says. “you have your own religion, and I have mine!”, ie. we are all free to practice what we want.

          Just like the Christianity, Judaism and Islam, they all say if you have a gay relationship then you are a sinner, but it also says the same thing about stealing, killing, lying, thieving, etc etc.

          • Sam Bissonnette says:

            Please don’t spread dis-info. The Prophet had scribes. They wrote revelation, hadith and history. It is the “collections” that were done later. The “4 schools of Islam” are also a later creation.
            You are technically correct about what you say on LGBTQ issues, in that it is not haram to “be gay”. Any sex outside of marriage is. If people would shut up about who they were sleeping with it would be quite a conundrum for Muslims.
            However, I am speaking from personal experience. When I was healthier, I would be at the masjid 35 times a week. I also had a born Muslim wife. She would go into convulsions when she saw someone gay and would say, “They need to die!” It was a gut reaction. I know a few people that travel the world making dawah, yet in the masjid, they still denounce gays in the masjid.
            After Orlando, last year, Mufti Menk posted condolences of f-book. There were 175 replies. All but 5, condemning him for doing so and the majority called him a kafr for doing so.
            While it isn’t right, this is how folks are raised.
            Lectures in the masajid aren’t usually done to educate people. They are done to reinforce what people already believe. “Hate speech” is quite prevalent. I’m not guessing that, I am telling you what I experienced.
            Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace, but they are taught to hate people, instead of their actions and can’t seem to separate the two. The powers that shouldn’t be know this and Muslims are easy prey.
            Put aside LGBTQ issues, many Muslims are repulsed to see women not in hijab. They are taught to oppress women in their land of birth. It is their culture. Hating gays is also culture. Culture is used to control.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hi Sam,

            Prophet Mohammed did not have scribes. Arab culture is an “Oral” based culture (Prophet Mohammed did not read or write), and we (Arabs) excelled at reciting poems accurately that are very long. This is not dis-info or misinformation. This is from our history books found in Iraq, Syria and even Turkey. Here is a teaser for you… if the prophet had scribes, were are all those written documents located?? 🙂 which museum??

            And as far as culture is concerned, I agree with you totally. If you go to part of Africa, they have the same convulsions when they see gay people, and yet they are not Muslims, or Christians, or Jews… So go figure….

            Finally… with regards to Mosques (masjid).. over 95% of those Mosques are funded by the government of the country or Salafi Government like Saudi Arabia, the source of all wicked and twisted Islam that you can think of, as well as having 14 terrorist that were part of the 9/11 operation. So, the Imam in those mosques will sing whatever the powers that shouldn’t be want him to sing, as long as he gets paid. I avoid “paid-for-Mosque”, and follow the Qura’an. (you don’t need anyone to have a relationship with god!.

  3. Great report, Kurt. Thank you.

  4. John Phillips says:

    Why does the media refer to Islam as the issue? Because our fascist-government-complex has duped us into believing this is a religious war!!! They NEED religion to control the majority who “believe” and not think. I can tell you for a fact that the only radical religion threatening me and my family are the right-wing evangelical Christian fanatics in the US, not Muslims. Nothing is more frightening to me than an evangelical Christian with an AR15!

    Address the Big “R” in the living room to increase your credibility!

    • Sam Bissonnette says:

      Hi John,

      It is all about creating tension in the population. Turn that into fear and people will beg for or allow their freedoms to be taken away. All in the name of protection. “They” want us to fear everyone. Labels are part of the scam. Hate is the issue and our western media is basically “the 2 minute hate.” The brainwashing starts early.

      @VoA, lets leave the history alone. No one wants to hear it. In America, we have very many African Muslims, esp Somali. That is most particularly the group I was addressing. Their neighbors, as well (Gambia and her neighbors, too). Turkish and Shii’a, for the most part, blend in well. They came here to get away from the radicals. That African culture is a problem though. Anyone can point to it and call it Islam. That feeds into the whole hate issue. I’ve very dear friends, of the best behavior, in all ways, yet, when they see a gal in a bikini, they have asked, “Brother, look at that girl, does she want to get raped?” *facepalm* Rape is just as haram as any other sex outside marriage and much, much worse! If I had any strength left, I’d still be in the masjid fighting it.

      But, you see, anytime the media wants to, they can dial in on it. That is what they are good at. It is a battle of ignorance versus ignorance.

      Not to sound like an old hippie, but love is what is needed. Education doesn’t hurt either.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi Sam,

        Thanks for your reply and I agree, we should not hijack this topic, and i should stop…

        But, i can’t stop without leaving you with this interesting idea since you care about Islam and why it is this way…

        India and Pakistan used to be one country until 1948 British divide.

        Now, compare Indian Muslims to Pakistani Muslims and ask yourself why?? (they are the same race, same country, yet Pakistani Muslims are majority radicals, and Indian Muslims are majority peaceful!.) … Answer: Saudi Money 🙂

      • John Phillips says:

        Of course love and peace are the objectives and the answer. I seek both. Division, conquer and divide is the name of the game played by governments and those in control. Religion with a “R” in all its forms is used most often to divide, to draw distinction between one group to another by the media, by governments, by fascists. By well meaning people. However, to ignore the influence Religion has on the individual and the populace as a whole is to ignore a fundamental controlling factor on this planet. If one is raised with religion, as most on the planet are, you never escape the influence without concerted effort. The same with one’s culture.

        I’m not say religion is bad. I’m saying Religion, like so many other things is most often used badly. The basic philosophy of love and peace is common to almost all Religions; however, the faith of the religious minded is used against them, you and I. That is where the radicals, the zealots, the fundamentalists arise from. Their faith is used to control them and against them! David Koch is quoted as saying that they “need” Religion. He is not a religious or faithful man, but he recognizes he needs Religion to influence people!

        If today’s terrorism (of either side) wasn’t using Religion to create zealots and radicals, and influence the thinking of people I would not raise the issues; however, Religion IS being used to create zealots both Christian and Islamic (in both Church and Mosque), is used to describe one side or the other, and one group from another which does create the division! If Religion isn’t being used, why is the media and governments using it to “frame” this war and you so willing to step into it. The tactic is very affective.

        This is NOT hijacking the issue….this IS the CONTROLING issue. I’m not disagreeing with your position or arguments. There are GOOD and honest people, faithful and peaceful people in every Religion…most people including atheists. I just saying you need a deeper more fundamental analysis of why we find ourselves in a “terrorist world.” It’s not about Religion.
        All the Best

  5. Russell Linz says:

    The context Mr. Nimmo speaks of is that Iran is some hapless innocent Shiite Muslim state being targeted by the west .A few facts, Iran is a theocracy there president is a figure head . The theology the mullahs embrace is the coming Mahdi to appear at the time of Armageddon this is the driver of Irans foreign policy . Their failure to recognize Israel and threats to annihilate the Jews hardly puts them in the position of an innocent party.While I agree our country puts their nose where it doesn’t belong the mere fact this so called Nation looks to trigger Armageddon should cause Mr. Nimmo some concern. While the New world Order may wish to control the world the Mullahs in Iran wish to extinguish it. This is one of those gray areas where ones supposed enemies might be correct in their assumptions.

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