The Art of Collaborating with the Nazi’s: Hollywood & America Reek of Nazi Influence

Hitler’s Propaganda Principles Alive in 21st Century The studio heads, who were mostly immigrant Jews, went to dramatics lengths to hold on to their investment in Germany. Although few remarked on it at the time these men followed the instructions of the German consulate in Los Angeles, abandoning or changing a whole series of pictures […]

Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs: Bankrupt at the Top, Ignoring Soldier Needs

ACSAP Exposed: A Lucrative For-Profit Business Operating within the US Federal Government By John Stanton “Products are supposed to be based on valid scientific data.  Strong Choices and the Universal Prevention Model are based on perceptions and opinions.” In March of 2012 an article was published outlining some of the allegations of fraud, waste and […]

Profiting from Food Stamps, Student Loans, Unemployment: Wall Street, US Congress, Obama Cash-in

Rockefeller-Obama Nest Eggs Turn Gold!  “Despite being the richest country in the world, poverty remains an important social issue in the United States. All too often poverty in America is used as a political weapon by both political parties to galvanize their voting base. What is lost in the midst of such politicking is the […]

President Obama Channels Lord Cromwell: Great Statesmen Tamper with Packets

“Fomenting social tyranny in order to get “thinkers” to comply with the narrative of the moment becomes a simple task” Glenn Greenwald’s Snowden dossier concerning the American Leviathan’s practice of harvesting, storing and analyzing the information/conversations of its own and the world’s political, military, economic and cultural gate keepers is fascinating. This is so not […]