Legal Reality Check with Todd Macfarlane

Jurisdiction, Discovery, Labels, Discrimination & Choosing a Jury – Welcome to Federal Court

Oregon Standoff “Discovery” Full of Interesting Revelations The time of surprises in criminal trials is now supposed to be a thing of the past.  Unlike legal drama movies and TV series from Matlock and Perry Mason to Drop Dead Diva, in modern criminal cases, based on applicable rules of criminal procedure, there aren’t supposed to […]

LEGAL REALITY CHECK- Anatomy of a Conspiracy

The only thing that makes conspiracy illegal is an unlawful purpose or objective Bearing the whole judicial transparency issue in mind, in this piece I’m going to follow-up on some previous thoughts.  It had not been my intention, originally, to make the Oregon Standoff cases the sole focus of this column, but as things are […]

Assault on Judicial Transparency: From 4th Amendment to Lengthy Pre-Trial Detention & One-Sided Plea Deals

Continuing Case(s) in Point about Judicial Transparency & Other Things This is another follow-up to my previous BFP pieces about the lack of transparency in the so-called justice system. When I started on this subject I had not planned on focusing so much on the Bundy case(s), but, at least for the time being, they […]

LEGAL REALITY CHECK – A Case in Point Regarding Judicial Transparency (among other things)

This is a follow-up to my previous BFP piece about the lack of transparency in the so-called justice system. OPB recently broke a story about unique developments in the Bundy/Malheur Refuge case that provide several perfect examples of the kind of lack of transparency that I’ve been talking about, not to mention common distortions by […]

LEGAL REALITY CHECK – It’s High Time the Court System Takes a Serious Look at Transparency — by Todd Macfarlane

This is one of those issues that should quickly become self-evident. Our legal system goes by a number of different names.  Some call it the “Justice System.”  Others call it the “Court System” or the “Judicial System.”  Still others refer to it as the “Legal System.” Based on my experience and observations, I often refer […]