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Newsbud Exclusive – Montenegro’s NATO Nightmare: Wall Street Journal & Fake NATO News

On February 8, 2017, Wall Street Journal aired an interview with its “border lands” columnist Sohrab Ahmari under the title “Montenegro’s NATO Dreams.”[1] This interview is problematic on so many levels, starting with the title itself, that it fully deserves the tag of ‘fake news.’ Nothing in what Ahmari says is objective and impartial. It […]

Newsbud Exclusive – CIA, the Golitsyn-Nosenko Affair & the Russian TV Series ‘Traitors’

Whether or not there was in fact any Russian “hacking” of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, it is not possible to deny the ineptness and incompetence of the CIA in dealing with this issue. The public statements of its leading figures as well as the declassified reports released to the public so far have only […]

Security Threats to Russia: The Analysis of the 2016 FSB Press Releases (Part 3 – Hacking & Other Challenges)

This is the third and last article in the investigative series in which I analyzed the 2016 press releases published on the official FSB website. In the previous two articles, I covered the FSB counterespionage and counter-terrorist operations during 2016.[1] These operations were the subject of more than one third of the FSB press releases. […]

Security Threats to Russia: The Analysis of the 2016 FSB Press Releases (Part 2 – Counter-Terrorism)

This is the second article in the three-article investigative series in which I analyze the 2016 press releases published on the official FSB website.[1] As I already pointed out in the first article, in the period from January until the last week of December, there have been 52 press releases in total.[2] Eight of them […]

Newsbud Exclusive- Security Threats to Russia: The Analysis of the 2016 FSB Press Releases (Part 1 – Counterespionage)

Introduction Within a few hours of the brutal assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov in Ankara, the Russian president Vladimir Putin convened his inner national security team: the foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, the SVR (Russian foreign intelligence agency) director Sergey Naryshkin, and the FSB (Russian domestic law enforcement and counterintelligence agency) director […]

The Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis: Shattering the Power of the Atlanticist Narrative in EU

Russia’s French Connection & The Rapid Withering Away of NATO in the Foreseeable Future In 1959, in the midst of the (old) Cold War, the French president Charles de Gaulle gave a speech in which he spoke of his vision of Europe, stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals.[1] This vision of Europe included Russia. […]

Newsbud Exclusive – The Coup That Never Was: A False NATO Intelligence Narrative in Montenegro

There is an old anecdote about the different types of intelligence agencies. It says that a mediocre intelligence agency is protecting the government from the coup, a good intelligence agency is participating in the coup, while the best intelligence agency is organizing it. Mind you, the government in question is not the foreign government, but […]

Newsbud Exclusive- How to Keep Lying With a Straight Face: NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg at Oxford

In light of the recent setbacks plaguing the Atlanticist project in Europe, the most visible of which so far have been the referendum victory of the pro-Brexit forces in the U.K. and the election of a pro-Russian president in Bulgaria, it has apparently been decided at NATO headquarters (and seconded by the Washington NATO overseers) […]

Newsbud Exclusive- Will Nikolai Patrushev be the New Prime Minister of Russia?

Why would Putin conduct the purge at this time & if the purge of Medvedev does indeed take place, who will be his replacement? With the recent arrest of the Russian economy minister Aleksey Ulyukaev by the FSB, the Russian equivalent of the FBI, the president Vladimir Putin’s purge of the liberal faction within the […]

Newsbud Exclusive- The 2016 Balkan Spy War: NATO & CIA on the Offensive

Why Serbia has become the center of the recent spy and covert activities by both Western & Russian intelligence agencies Introduction History has shown that intensive spy and covert activities by intelligence agencies in a given geographic region precede and precipitate dramatic political changes. Often, these changes involve violent confrontations and the wide-spread destruction of […]

NATO Warmongering at the Highest Pitch: Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s Recent Book & the 21st Century Colonialism

NATO: The dark god of death that every day brings the world closer to a nuclear apocalypse! Introduction: Rasmussen and Me On a warm spring evening in May 2014, when Anders Fogh Rasmussen, then secretary general of NATO, met in Podgorica with the top officials of the corrupt Montenegrin regime led by the prime minister […]

The Clash of Patriarchs: Kirill I, Bartholomew I & the Future of the Orthodox Church

Just a few months after he was enthroned as the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia in February 2009, Kirill I travelled to Istanbul to meet with Bartholomew I of Constantinople, the Ecumenical Patriarch, historically the “first among equals” in the Orthodox Church hierarchy. A mere six years older than Kirill, Bartholomew has held this […]

Why Did the Russian Spies Get a New Boss?

Russia in preparation of a much more hostile relations with the U.S. & NATO in the coming period The resounding victory of Putin-supported United Russia party in the September 18, 2016 parliamentary elections in which it won 343 out of 450 seats, helped greatly by the changes in the electoral system, will set the stage […]

The Leaked Montenegrin Government Files: Part II – the U.S. Agents of Influence within the German Government

The Agents of the Anti-Russian U.S. “War Party” in Europe In the previous installment of my analysis of the leaked Montenegrin government files, I discussed the U.S. visit of Igor Lukšić, who was then the minister of foreign affairs of Montenegro, and his meetings with Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian […]

The Leaked Montenegrin Government Files: Part I- A Rift Within NATO Confirmed

In April 2015, Marko Milačić, a well-known Montenegrin journalist and then the director of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro, obtained a set of confidential Montenegrin government files focusing on the issues surrounding Montenegro’s membership in NATO.[i] While the leaking of these files caused quite a commotion within the corrupt Montenegrin ruling circles and was […]