Saluting Those Who Stand By a True Alternative: Thank You!

The Boiling Frogs Post Team Thanks You for All Your Support We have achieved our goal in raising the funds needed to carry us for another quarter. We want to thank you for all your support. We appreciate your kind and generous donations during these tough economic times. We know that your support goes beyond […]

A Dangerous & Absurd Disconnect: “Everything on the Internet Should Be Free!”

The Hidden Price of the Establishment Sugar Daddies-Backed Propaganda & Vulture Advertisers-Sponsored Free Content The other day I was chatting with a man who was expressing his appreciation for our irate minority home-Boiling Frogs Post. Everything, all the brief communication, up to a certain point, was going well. Until … until he made the following […]

An Independent Media Outlet For the People Can Only Be Made Possible By the People

Say NO to Corporate & Dynasty-Foundations Funded Pseudo Alternatives- Support This Solely People-Subsidized Alternative We are two weeks into our quarterly fundraising and over half way there. We have established a four-year track record as a news and multimedia website with integrity that is operated independent from any corporate or partisan agenda machines. We do […]

The Needed Ingredients For A Real Alternative Information Gateway

Alternative Media: The Truth vs. Myths & Misconceptions The battle between the dying mainstream media model and internet-based alternative media models is not over. Don’t get me wrong. The mainstream media is dying; it will be dead. There is no doubt about that. The still-remaining question has to do with the alternative models out there […]

Boiling Frogs Post: A True Alternative to the Establishment’s Poisoned Wells

Help Us Counter the Establishment’s Poisoned Wells & the Poisoned-Water-Bearing Media How did we end up here: A sorry state of our country due to an even sorrier state of our majority? Our utterly uninformed majority is in this sorry state due to their regular consumption of the water from the establishment’s poisoned wells. We […]