Processing Distortion: “Cruise Missile Liberals with Weapons of Mass Distortion”

Peter B. Collins Presents Gareth Porter Dr. Gareth Porter carefully breaks down the unclassified summary of the Obama administration’s “evidence” that the Syrian military is responsible for the reported chemical weapons attack on August 21 in the Damascus suburb of Adra. We start with the shifting US positions on UN weapons inspectors, and the lack […]

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 65

Debt Domination & the Crisis in Cyprus Cyprus is in the midst of a troublesome bailout deal, buying large amounts of bad bank debts and handing the bill to the population to pay for with reduced standards of living and increased exploitation. This is the nature of the ‘debt crisis’ in Cyprus, across Europe, and […]

The New Mediterranean Oil & Gas Bonanza: Part II

Rising Energy Tensions in the Aegean—Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria By William Engdahl The discovery in late 2010 of the huge natural gas bonanza off Israel’s Mediterranean shores triggered other neighboring countries to look more closely at their own waters. The results revealed that the entire eastern Mediterranean is swimming in huge untapped oil and gas […]