A Brief Message for Canadians: Get Over It!

It’s Time to Stop Listening to ‘Rebels against Rationality’ CANADIANS: Be ashamed that this newspaper column is what passes for the “public discourse” in this country: a raving, ignorant, arrogant, idiotic and racist rant telling Indigenous people to “get over it” – referring to the state-sanctioned racism, genocide, and imperialism – all of which is […]

An Anarchistic Understanding of the Social Order

Environmental Degradation, Indigenous Resistance & a Place for the Sciences FOR ROUGHLY FIVE HUNDRED YEARS, INDIGENOUS peoples have been struggling against the dominant institutions of society, against imperialism, colonialism, exploitation, impoverishment, segregation, racism, and genocide. The struggle continues today under the present world social order and against the dominant institutions of ‘neoliberalism’ and globalization: the […]

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 74

Power, Ecology, and Society The way in which our society is structured ensures that environmental degradation and destruction is written into the actual function of our society. Trade agreements not only allow rich countries and companies to exploit the cheap labor of poor nations, or to simply plunder their wealth and resources, but we also […]