DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: Did Howard Hunt Help to Kill JFK?

Howard Hunt was a CIA operative, a Bay of Pigs veteran, a Watergate conspirator and spy novelist. He also confessed to his involvement in the assassination of JFK, implicating Lyndon Baines Johnson, Cord Meyer and others. However, aside from this one confession in 2003 he had always denied the rumors and theories, under oath to […]

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Hastert Case: How the COINTELPRO II Bucket Turned into a Can of Worms

Three FBI Field Offices, Four Agents, One Linguist, and A Bucket Full of Dirties … Literally Right & Left Welcome to the 24th edition of Probable Cause. This is our third episode on the ‘Real’ case of Dennis Hastert. In our first segment I briefly explained the case and why it is likely to be […]

Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Media Giant Comcast Attempts Another Mega-Merger

Peter B. Collins Presents Former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps As a member of the Federal Communications Commission, Michael Copps cast the only dissenting vote to the approval of Comcast’s acquisition of NBC/Universal. In this conversation, he details his strong opposition to the new proposed $45 billion merger of Comcast with Time-Warner Cable, which would expand […]

Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- “Terrorist Acts- The Engineered & the Authentic”

Ryan Dawson Presents Julie Lévesque When is murdering innocent people Terrorism and when is it “Freedom Fighting?” When is resisting a brutal military occupation Freedom Fighting and when is it Terrorism? Well it all depends on who is telling you about it. Julie Lévesque is a Global Research journalist who has herself been shot at […]

The Reality Principle -Episode 24

“More than Music” with Rebel Diaz This week, Eric sits down with hip hop artists Rebel Diaz for a wide-ranging discussion about music, art, politics, and much more. Eric and the guys (RodStarz & G1) discuss the political and class nature of hip hop and why we should be wary of romanticizing hip hop and […]

Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 24

U2- “Angel of Harlem” Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen make up the fabulous U2 and are always a great group to listen to whether live or in the studio. Picking out one of their songs for this week’s BFP/Jamiol Soothing the Beast wasn’t easy with so many incredible songs to pick from. […]

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 24

The Causes & Consequences of the European Debt Crisis What created the European debt crisis? Was it the “welfare states” as repeated by the mainstream (and even many in the alternative) media, or was it the European Union itself? Was it the euro, the trade policies, or perhaps the major international banks? It is important […]