BFP Roundtable Takes on Apathy & What Can Be Done About It

The BFP Roundtable takes on the public apathy surrounding the illegal wars of aggression, the extrajudicial drone assassinations, the illegal warrantless wiretapping, and other outrages of our era. Why is the public so passive in the face of such abuses? And what can be done about it? Find out more in this must-see BFP Roundtable […]

Does Idealism Have to Come with An Expiration Date?

“Why do we call all our generous ideas illusions and the mean ones truths?” –Edith Wharton There are a few common adjectives and nouns associated with political activists and critical-thinking action takers. The establishment driven society commonly tags the voices of dissent as “Radicals”, or sometimes, belittlingly, “Idealists.” It always has, and it always will. […]