De-Manufacturing Consent- Nullification Works: Decentralized Solutions for Illegal Spying, Drug War & the Police State

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Michael Maharrey On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Michael Maharrey, National Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center. Maharrey provides an update on the progress of the Off Now campaign to “nullify the NSA” at the state and local level, where victories have been won, and which states […]

De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez-Stateless Order: Libertarian Solutions to Real World Problems

“Political philosophy & the application of libertarianism to present-day situations” with Sheldon Richman On today’s episode of De-Manufacturing Consent, Guillermo is joined by Sheldon Richman, the Vice President of the Future of Freedom Foundation. Sheldon and Guillermo discuss political philosophy and the application of libertarianism to present-day situations. We explore issues regarding the drug war, […]

De-Manufacturing Consent with Guillermo Jimenez- More Money, More Problems: The Economics of the “War on Drugs”

“What does an end to the drug war means for the police state in America?” with Dr. Mark Thornton On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent, Guillermo welcomes Dr. Mark Thornton of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute onto the show. Dr. Thornton and Guillermo discuss the “Economics of Prohibition” by examining the economics forces at work […]

Glaring Paradoxes: Let Us Be United in Unconstitutional Federal Government Laws & Operations!

I just finished reading a critical but seemingly irrational argument by one of the so-called constitutional experts against the concept of Nullification. I am neither an expert when it comes to constitutional law nor do I profess to be one. That said, when I sit and read analyses made for nullification by constitutional experts such […]

Tom Woods: Secession vs. Nullification