RT Video- Abby Martin & James Corbett on Gladio Operation B

Pepe Escobar: 9/11 Excuse for NSA – Gift That Keeps on Giving

VIDEO- Police State USA: Getting Children Conditioned to Submit & Obey

SWAT Team’s Real Life Terror Drill on School Bus Filled with Terrified Children Please recall Hitler’s Youth. Add to it cases such as this one. Take a look at these:  And then watch this:

Pledge of Allegiance: Schools, Wars, State Control & Authoritarianism

William Engdahl: ‘US secretly pushing for Islamic fascist regime in Egypt’

Tom Woods: Secession vs. Nullification

Dennis Kucinich on “National Security State USA”

Video- Sibel Edmonds on the US Police State with James Corbett

Boiling Frogs Post Solely Depends on ‘You’ Sibel Edmonds of BoilingFrogsPost.com joins us for a discussion on the police state in the US, the broken political system and the independent voices that are shining a light on it all. We also talk about the forthcoming Boiling Frogs Post DVD Vol. 2 and Sibel’s memoir, Classified […]

Why the Military Industrial Complex Supports Oppressive Regimes

Video- Sibel Edmonds Interview: RT I was scheduled for an interview on the latest developments on the Turkish-Syria topic, however, they had a last minute change and suddenly I was facing questions regarding the latest exposé on Bahrain-Washington Times. If you look carefully you’ll see my eye-balls turning rapidly (mine are too tightly connected to […]

Santorum Puts American ‘WMD Scientists’ on Code Red Alert?

Applying a “Fairness Doctrine” to Santorum’s ‘Dead Scientists are a Wonderful Thing’ This post is a major exception for Boiling Frogs Post. I almost never bother commenting or giving coverage to ‘easy-come, easy-go’ dime-a-dozen flake personalities in politics. As you know we have never even named that ‘one’ from Alaska, or the other one from […]

Video Interview: The Realities of Whistleblowing

James Corbett Interviews Sibel Edmonds on ‘Whistleblowing’ Here is James Corbett’s Video Interview of me for GRTV. You can visit James’ website for more. Please share, re-post and help disseminate this interview for the benefit of all to-be government whistleblowers. They are not going to get these facts from establishment and corporate funded whistleblower organizations, or […]

BFP Sunday Music Video: The Future by Leonard Cohen

Just Because Here is my favorite Leonard Cohen song (with the lyrics) for you. Why? Because I love Leonard Cohen. Because it is Sunday. Because the 9/11 tenth anniversary is coming. Because it was written before 9/11 and ended up being so prophetic. Because right now I so very feel like it…And how do ‘you’ […]

Ron Paul: We Live in a Dictatorship

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Chris Floyd’s ‘The Good Corporal’

‘To the Exposers of Power & the Troublers of Dreams’ Yesterday one of our readers e-mailed me a link to a recent work by Chris Floyd dedicated to truth tellers who are commonly labeled as whistleblowers, but aptly referred by him as the Exposers of Power and the Troublers of Dreams. About three years ago […]

Rep. Ron Paul on the CIA Coup: Time to Take Out the CIA?

‘The CIA has taken over the US in a coup!’ Here is a clip from a recent speech by Congressman Ron Paul on the CIA: There’s been a coup – have you heard? It’s the CIA coup. The CIA runs everything! They run the military .. and they’re every bit as secretive as the Federal Reserve. […]